Definition of character

1. A being involved in the action of a story.
2. A distinguishing feature; characteristic.
3. A complex of mental and ethical traits marking a person or a group.
A study of the suspect's character and his cast iron alibi ruled him out.
4. Strength of mind; resolution; independence; individuality; moral strength.
He has a great deal of character.
"You may not like to eat liver," said Calvin's father, "but it builds character."
5. A unique or extraordinary individual; a person characterized by peculiar or notable traits, especially charisma.
Julius Caesar is a great historical character.
That bloke is such a character.
6. A written or printed symbol, or letter.
7. Style of writing or printing; handwriting; the particular form of letters used by a person or people.
An inscription in the Runic character
8. One of the basic elements making up a text file or string: a code representing a printing character or a control character.
9. A person or individual, especially one who is unknown or raises suspicions.
We saw a shady character slinking out of the office with some papers.
10. A complex number representing an element of a finite Abelian group.
11. Quality, position, rank, or capacity; quality or conduct with respect to a certain office or duty.
In the miserable character of a slave
In his character as a magistrate
12. The estimate, individual or general, put upon a person or thing; reputation.
A man's character for truth and veracity
Her actions give her a bad character.
13. A reference given to a servant, attesting to his/her behaviour, competence, etc.
14. To write (using characters); To describe
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Example Sentences

The people commented the movie in detail: if they liked the characters, they applauded – if not, they hissed at them.
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Once you find what you believe in, stand by them and you will develop in character.
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Others admire those people with strong characters, so this will definitely benefit you in the future.
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I can be a devoted friend to you, for I admire your strength of will and your character.
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The thought that all these imposing characters all belonged to Cedric’s family made him regard them as heroes.
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She pulled out a large role of skin from under her bed, spread it out, and began to read the strange characters that were inscribed on it.
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They told me you had been to her, and mentioned me to him: she gave me a good character, but said I could not swim — we know it to be true.
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When you have need of reliable information on the subject of my character, apply to my grandson.
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It is difficult to make a judgement about the character of a child of eight, he finally said.
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He has good character.
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