crush in English

n. great crowd; act of crushing; act of being crushed; intense infatuation
v. smash, break into small pieces; squeeze hard; defeat, destroy

Example Sentences

Seffa is made with broken vermicelli (the thin kind, the type you normally find in soups), which are steamed and sweetened with powdered sugar and crushed nuts.
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The mortar is a heavy bowl made from stone and the pestle is a round ended crushing tool that fit easily into my fist.
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Sarrasine crushed the grass snake’s head with a blow from his foot.
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Passepartout was crushed. Missing the boat by three-quarters of an hour almost destroyed him.
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but though forgiveness was impossible, forgetfulness was possible still, and he was determined to forget, to stamp the thing out, to crush it as one would crush the adder that had stung one.
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He rushed at him and dug the knife into the great vein that is behind the ear, crushing the man's head down on the table and stabbing again and again.
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It was a little log house, which lay as if it had been crushed down to earth, under the high, sloping roof.
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People came in crowds; there was a crush and a hurry, but no one was successful either on the first or second day.
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She has been innocent, and the black hands of jealousy have crushed her reedlike throat.
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saw it, indeed, and, shuddering, crushed with dank hands his burning lids as though he would have robbed the very brain of sight and driven the eyeballs back into their cave.
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1. infatuation: love, flame, passion
2. gathering: drove, flock
3. press: jam, beat, bruise, mash, mangle, compress, crumple
4. pulverise
5. pulverize: grind, crunch, break, mush, crumble, pulp, disintegrate
6. overcome: humble, conquer, annihilate, overthrow, oppress, extinguish, repress

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