Definition of dehydrated

1. Suffering from excessive loss of water from the body.
Fever resulted from becoming dehydrated.
Was dehydrated after the marathon.
2. Preserved by removing natural moisture.
Dried beef.
Dried fruit.
Dehydrated eggs.
Shredded and desiccated coconut meat.
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Example Sentences

Ethyl and isopropyl alcohols or mixtures based thereon are used as dehydrating liquids.
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For it we used dehydrated samples of the claimed product in liquid petrolatum.
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In this method, ethyl and isopropyl alcohols or their mixtures are used as dehydrating liquids.
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Microscopic examination has shown that the specimens were dehydrated with high quality.
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Now these other items - cane sugar, wheat, dehydrated potatoes, polished rice.
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The preparations are dehydrated and placed into synthetic resin under cover slides (Entellan, Merck).
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This is the song of the Great Loneliness, that creeps in like the desert wind and dehydrates the soul.
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4. certain partly or wholly dehydrated preserved milk for human consumption
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Animals are injured, animals are dehydrated.
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Before fattening or slaughtering, injured, starving and dehydrated animals are transported from one country to another.
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