Definition of exacting

1. Requiring precise accuracy.
An exacting job.
Became more exigent over his pronunciation.
2. Severe and unremitting in making demands.
An exacting instructor.
Strict standards.
3. Having complicated nutritional requirements; especially growing only in special artificial cultures.
Fastidious microorganisms.
Certain highly specialized xerophytes are extremely exacting in their requirements.
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Example Sentences

And now, how was it that a man so exact and meticulous could have made this error of a day?
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Found in this unexpected creation was a love capable of enthralling all humanity, and beauties worthy of satisfying the most exacting critic.
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Like other retailers his stores could fill shelves with the exact products his customers were wanting.
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What is the exact date?
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Do you need the exact address of Mr Annen?
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He asks her for the exact time.
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I came in at half-past two, if you wish to know the exact time.
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It concerns the new import regulations. I need exact information about it.
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Is he giving her the exact information?
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My teacher set up a special study program about Italy for us, about Rome, the Eternal City, to be exact.
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