Definition of freight

1. Payment for transportation.
The freight was more expensive for cars than for coal.
2. Goods or items in transport.
The freight shifted and the trailer turned over on the highway.
3. Transport of goods.
They shipped it ordinary freight to spare the expense.
4. Cultural or emotional associations.
A wedding ring is small, but it has massive emotional freight.
5. To transport (goods).
6. To load with freight. Also figurative.
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Example Sentences

“No freight. Going in ballast.”
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The freight train was travelling from Kamina to Mwene-Ditu, in Kasai-Oriental province.
(Source: Voice of America)
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Good morning. We have the freight for Dale.
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giving explanations, and arranging the loading of mountains freight. In the convoy in which Desnoyers was placed the Territorials were sleeping, accustomed to the monotony of acting as guard. Those in charge of the horses
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Justa's words were always freighted with a double meaning and were, at times, burning allusions. Her mischievous manner, her flaunting, unbridled coquetry, scattered about her an atmosphere of lust.
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Ocean freight companies will receive $2,500 every time their vessels reduce their speed through the Santa Barbara channel, USA, an area with a high concentration of blue whales.
(Voice of America)
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to cover the distance normally made in two. It was made up of freight cars filled with provisions and cartridges, with the doors stamped and sealed. A third-class car was occupied by the train escort,
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"At the station I will try to get on a freight train, and to-morrow I shall be in Moscow."
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"Have you been hurt?" Panten asked cautiously. "Where were you? What did you see? Well, it is, of course, not my business. A broker has offered us a profitable freight, with a bonus. What's the matter with you?"
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A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car, but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad.
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