Definition of incline

1. To bend or move (something) out of a given plane or direction, often the horizontal or vertical.
He had to incline his body against the gusts to avoid being blown down in the storm.
The people following the coffin inclined their heads in grief.
2. To slope.
Over the centuries the wind made the walls of the farmhouse incline.
3. To tend to do or believe something, or move or be moved in a certain direction, away from a point of view, attitude, etc.
He inclines to believe anything he reads in the newspapers.
I'm inclined to give up smoking after hearing of the risks to my health.
4. A slope.
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Example Sentences

However, in the depths of his heart, he could not stop himself from feeling favourably inclined towards this son, for he flattered his pride.
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I was inclined to think that they were going to call us.
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Sarrasine, who was not piously inclined, began to laugh.
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I might have been inclined, myself, to regard a coffin-nail as the deadest piece of ironmongery in the trade.
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She then nursed the child as she was inclined to do, before she again disappeared.
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I am inclined to think that I never was engaged.
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When the princess of the Golden Dwelling heard that, she was comforted, and her heart was inclined to him, so that she willingly consented to be his wife.
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He's not artistically inclined.
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Once in, he weighed the pros and contras of his new social position, and in the midst of his calculations as to whether the needle of the balance inclined to this side or that, he fell asleep.
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"Then you were always - inclined that way?" She found some difficulty in conveying her meaning in polite tones.
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