Definition of juvenile

1. Young; not fully developed
2. Characteristic of youth or immaturity; childish
3. A prepubescent child
4. A person not legally of age, or who is younger than may be charged with an offence
5. An animal that is not sexually mature
6. An actor playing a child's role
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Example Sentences

The department of Homeland Security reported that about 5,500 unaccompanied children were arrested in July, only half of the figures for May and June, and the least amount of juvenile detainees in a month since February.
(Voice of America)
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“Social Aspects of Juvenile Delinquency”, Criminology and Forensic Medicine Society, Tucumán, Argentina, 1959.
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I remember one of the hostesses whose Christmas parties I attended comparing me to a juvenile bloodhound.
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On the flyleaves, a juvenile, scholarly handwriting: Nicolas Dufaure.
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Such shelter is frequently used by juveniles, making submarine canyons important nursery grounds.
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That's how he sees me, an old juvenile delinquent.
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The magistrate discharged the two juvenile offenders and warned the father that he was bringing his children up unhealthily.
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They just got rid of that juvenile psychedelia.
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With the candles appeared her maid, with the juvenile dress that was to delude the world tomorrow.
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- When other boys had their eyes on girls, I sat in Juvenile prison for having taken an old lame granny's sledge. Mikkonen.
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