Definition of potent

1. Possessing strength.
A potent argument
2. Being effective, causing body effects.
A potent medicine
3. Having a sharp or offensive taste.
4. Able to procreate.
5. Very powerful or effective.
6. A heraldic fur formed by a regular tessellation of blue and white T shapes.
7. A prince; a potentate.
8. A staff or crutch.
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Example Sentences

NASA said in 2012 that “the fragile and changing Arctic region is home to large deposits of methane, a potent greenhouse gas,” the scientists wrote.
(Voice of America)
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The boarders were so disappointed at the flight of the Biscayan and of Don Telmo that neither the altercations between Irene and Celia nor the stories told by the priest Don Jacinto, who stressed the smutty note, were potent enough to draw them from their silence.
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Beclomethasone is a highly potent inhaled steroid used in the therapy of asthma and upper respiratory infections.
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Dihydroetorphine is a potent mu-type opioid-receptor agonist.
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However, because of the potent alpha activity of the drug, blood flow to major organs, particularly the kidney, is decreased.
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Hydralazine is selective for arterioles, and thus is a very potent vasodilator.
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Imagination is a very potent tool.
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In some cases, for example in bronchial asthma, glucocorticoids exerting a potent anti-allergic action are used.
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In the security guard industry, for example, electronic alarm systems represent a potent substitute.
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It is an intuitive and potent throwback to the Pythagoreans' archaic Greek geometry.
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