Definition of princely

1. Relating to a prince; regal; royal.
Princely birth or character
2. Befitting a prince.
A princely sum of money
3. In the manner of a royal prince's conduct.
My appetite was not princely got. — Shakespeare.
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Example Sentences

The princely title had very little effect on me; I had just been reading Schiller's Robbers.
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"It was a princely action!"- sneered Hippolyte.
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But we ourselves are not touching our princely - even by parliamentary standards - expenditure allowances of various kinds.
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In our resolution we call also for a peaceful future for the former princely State of Jammu and Kashmir, on both sides of the border and now split into two nations.
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"At the request of the Princely Government, entry to all or part of the departments of Alpes-Maritimes, Var and Basses-Alpes shall also be denied to any foreigner other than a French national who is prohibited from residing in Monaco pursuant to Monegasque criminal law."
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And it cost me the princely sum of one shilling.
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At this time to Tsarevitch Ivan there were 16 years therefore he had trustees and teachers from princely and seigniorial estate.
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Fair cousin, you debase your princely knee
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In the name of the world association of women entrepreneurs FCEM, the FCEM World President thanked HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, for having accorded to the Steering Committee the great honor and privilege to have the meeting organised under His High Patronage in the princely city.
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It was princely and seigniorial sorts which most part concerned to PюpиkoBичaM.
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