Definition of run into

1. To enter by running.
He ran into the building.
2. To collide with.
He lost control of the vehicle and ran into a tree.
3. To cause to collide with.
He lost control of the vehicle and ran it into a tree.
4. To encounter or meet unexpectedly (literally or figuratively).
I ran into your cousin the other day.
Everything was going according to plan until we ran into the legal problems.
5. To reach, to flow into (a body of water).
6. To blend into; to be followed by or adjacent to without there being a clear boundary.
7. To cause to blend into.
You can use the paintbrush this way to run the colors into each other.
8. To reach a large figure.
By the end, the cost of the project ran into the millions of dollars.
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Example Sentences

Mr Köhler: Hello, Mr Allen. I am glad I ran into you. [Good that I am just meeting you.]
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Steven ran into his aunt at the post office.
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At this, several persons came running into the zaguán, among them a stout mule-driver with an oil-lamp in his hand.
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I ran into Sergio at the restaurant yesterday.
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Vehicles were running into each other, and when the conductors resorted to the customary threats, the crowds would intervene and make them shake hands.
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A woman in a white bathing suit ran into the surf.
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At one point, I ran into Bastien's kitchen and made us hot chocolate.
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Blood was running into his open mouth, but the sensation was a distant phenomenon.
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Daria Alexeyevna ran into the next room and whispered excitedly to Katia and Pasha.
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He had been known to beat his forehead on the floor until the blood ran into his eyes.
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