Definition of slap

1. A blow, especially one given with the open hand, or with something broad and flat.
2. The sound of such a blow.
3. Makeup, cosmetics.
4. To give a slap.
She slapped him in response to the insult.
5. To cause something to strike soundly.
He slapped the reins against the horse's back.
6. To place, to put carelessly.
We'd better slap some fresh paint on that wall.
7. Exactly, precisely
He tossed the file down slap in the middle of the table.
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Example Sentences

“She gave the Queen a slap across the ears...” the Rabbit began. Alice laughed out loud.
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Then the youth said, "I have eaten my fill, have received some slaps on the ear, but I have also given some in return."
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But this Valencia is a coward, said Pastiri in his thick voice. "A big mouth with a bark worse than his bite and not worth a slap."
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Champagne always made them quarrelsome. So they broke and paid, but their generosities were almost invariably followed by a scuffle. No one could surpass Julio in the quick slap and the ready challenge.
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The latter pretended not to have heard. The card-sharper, provoked by this discourtesy, got up and, slapping Valencia's sleeve with the back of his hand, he repeated his words, dwelling upon every syllable:
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Stimulated by need, he accosted several doctors who were speaking French, but all in vain. They would not listen to him, and when he repeated his petitions they pushed him out of their way with a rough slap…
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Very well, gentlemen, it's my treat now, said Leandro, "for I've got the money and I happen to feel like it." He fished out a couple of coins from his pocket and slapped them down on the table. "Lady, let's have something to drink."
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He a servant of the German? His surprise lasted little. He received a blow from the revolver on his chest at the same time that the lieutenant slapped him in the face.
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"Ha! ha!" he roared heartily, slapping the table with his open hand till the dishes rang.
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"Does Your Excellency refer to the slap in the face that he received from some blackguard at a ball?"
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