Definition of syndicate

1. A group of individuals or companies formed to transact some specific business, or to promote a common interest; a self-coordinating group.
2. A similar group of gangsters engaged in organized crime.
3. A chain of newspapers, or an agency that distributes features to multiple newspapers.
4. The office or jurisdiction of a syndic; a council or body of syndics.
5. To become a syndicate.
6. To put under the control of a group acting as a unit.
7. To release media content through a syndicate to be published or broadcast through multiple outlets.
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Example Sentences

A group of foreign banks has extended to Vneshtorgbank a syndicated loan of US$ 240 000 000.
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Arno lived in a tower; in fact his father was a member of its owning syndicate.
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Collecting material for the book, the director of the Centre for Russian and post-Soviet Studies at the University of Miami in Oxford, Ohio state, Karen Dawisha devoted years to the study of the KGB/FSB and crime syndicates in Russia.
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It's over and done with now, and none of the syndicate know how hard up I was.
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Maisie could only contribute half a crown to the syndicate for the purchase of a hundred cartridges.
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A syndicated loan of USD 14 398 thousand was received by the Group in October 2006 from the above two Croatian banks.
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'And I most of all,' said the new artist of the Central Southern Syndicate.
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He represented the Central Southern Syndicate in the campaign, as he had represented it in the Egyptian war, and elsewhere.
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There's no extradition treat between Hong Kong and Taiwan. However, we may be able to arrest the whole syndicate. We just got some important information.
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If we stop, the ‘no’ syndicate will say that it has won and that is a risk we cannot accept.
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