exciting in Hindi

a. उत्तेजक

Example Sentences

The novel is very exciting.
यह उपन्यास बहुत रोमांचक है।
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Bert's bisexuality was troubling Tom and excited Mary.
बर्ट के उभयलैंगिकता से टॉम परेशान था और मैरी उत्तेजित।
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creating or arousing excitement: breathtaking, provocative, galvanizing, galvanic, fervour, galvanising, glamourous, intoxicating, tingling, breathless, thrilling, interesting, heady, tickling, inflammation, fervor, exhilarating, electric, excitation, titillating, sexy, glamorous, elating, excitement, electrifying, stimulating
stimulating interest and discussion: stimulating

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