scene in Hindi

n. रंगभूमि, प्रदर्शन-भूमि, नेपथ्य, स्थल, दृश्य, नाटक का अंक, नाटक का पर्दा, नाटकशाला, नाटकघर, प्राकृतिक दृश्य, फ़नीर्चर, असबाब, जीबन

Example Sentences

I could not bear to see the scene.
मैं वह द्रिश्य देख नहीं सका।
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I could not bear to see the scene.
मैं वह द्रिश्य देख नहीं सकी।
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What a beautiful scene!
क्या सुंदर नज़ारा है!
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Very often a change of self is needed more than a change of scene.
बहुधा वातावरण में परिवर्तन से कहीं अधिक व्यक्ति के भीतर ही बदलाव की ज़रूरत होती है।
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an incident (real or imaginary): incident
the place where some action occurs: darkness, area, locale, country, venue, field of honor, dark, light, shadow, locus, stage
the visual percept of a region: prospect, foreground, vista, glimpse, visual image, exposure, middle distance, panorama, background, visual percept, coast, aspect, tableau, ground, side view, view
a consecutive series of pictures that constitutes a unit of action in a film: flick, picture, photograph, motion picture, shot, picture show, photo, pic, moving-picture show, motion-picture show, movie, outtake, moving picture, film, exposure
a subdivision of an act of a play: dramatic work, dramatic composition, act
a situation treated as an observable object: picture, state of affairs, situation
a display of bad temper: tantrum, fit, conniption, ill temper, bad temper
graphic art consisting of the graphic or photographic representation of a visual percept: depicted object, content, graphic art, view, subject

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