organise in Indonesian

v. menyelenggarakan, mengorganisasikan, mengorganisasi, mengorganisir, mengadakan, mempersiapkan, mengusahakan, memperusahakan, mengatur

Example Sentences

What method do you use to organize your files?
Metode apa yang Anda gunakan untuk mengatur berkas-berkas Anda?
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I need about twenty minutes to organize my morning.
Aku membutuhkan sekitar dua puluh menit untuk mengatur pagiku.
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bring order and organization to: organize, interlock, mesh, set up, coordinate, structure, arrange
plan and direct (a complex undertaking): organize, direct, plan, choreograph, engineer, mastermind, orchestrate
cause to be structured or ordered or operating according to some principle or idea: organize, handle, deal, rationalize, territorialize, reorganize, manage, collectivise, set up, rationalise, shake up, collectivize, reorganise, put, territorialise, arrange, order, care
form or join a union: organize, join, unionise, get together, fall in, unionize
arrange by systematic planning and united effort: organize, spatchcock, prepare, pioneer, devise, mount, machinate, embattle, set up, initiate, get up, sandwich, lay, put on
create (as an entity): draw up, organize, form, regroup, make, choose up, reorganize, regiment, reorganise, syndicate, create
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