unlooked in Italian

agg. non controllato

Example Sentences

“God knows how these people come to exist!” Nikolay wondered, recalling sometimes the unlooked-for Fourierist.
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He found himself confronted with many new and unlooked-for perplexities.
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The Lords Elladan and Elrohir of Rivendell arrived unlooked for, and wished to speak with us at once.
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And all unlooked for from your highness' mouth.
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In other words, Mr Mitchell, we need to address ourselves to the question of the development of the single European market and whether it can have adverse effects on children, some of which are entirely unlooked for.
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Misfortune may leave behind unlooked-for blessings, none dearer than you, my little Margaret.
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not anticipated: unforeseen, out of the blue, unexpected, unanticipated

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