laboriousness in Japanese

(名) 多大な努力を必要とすること; 密な注意を要求すること; 鈍感; 勤勉

Example Sentences

The procedures, certainly those for the smaller projects, still put potential participants off on account of their laboriousness.
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The surprising laboriousness in the implementation of this carefully crafted Agreement - the purpose of which is to prepare the ground for subsequent negotiation and to lead to a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus issue - is not inherent to this particular process.
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Despite the complexity and laboriousness of producing an early learning programme covering the main areas of knowledge, this has been achieved successfully with babybit.
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Or consider the laboriousness of conducting negotiations in a room with 25 national delegations, 10 of whom will be unfamiliar with the way the EU works.
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the quality of requiring extended effort: operoseness, effortfulness, toilsomeness
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