macaque in Korean

명. 짧은 꼬리원숭이

Example Sentences

Many primate species are fighting to survive, but macaque monkeys are good at adapting to their surroundings.
많은 영장류의 종(種)들이 생존을 위해 투쟁하고 있지만 짧은 꼬리 원숭이는 그들의 환경에 적응하는 데 능숙하다.
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The Central Zoo's exhibit of Japanese Macaques opens this Friday.
중앙 동물원은 일본산 마카크를 이번 금요일에 선보였다.
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short-tailed monkey of rocky regions of Asia and Africa: catarrhine, Macaca radiata, bonnet macaque, Barbary ape, Macaca irus, croo monkey, Macaca sylvana, Old World monkey, capped macaque, crab-eating macaque, rhesus monkey, rhesus, genus Macaca, Macaca mulatta, bonnet monkey, Macaca, crown monkey
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