nub in Polish

n. bryłka, grudka, sedno sprawy

Example Sentences

That is the nub of the crisis - irresponsible indebtedness that has been carried on for many years.
Właśnie w nieodpowiedzialnym zadłużaniu się, które trwało latami, tkwi sedno kryzysu.
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That is the nub of the issue and, once that happens, we shall be able to build more effectively a great number of initiatives on its foundations.
To podstawa i jeżeli uda nam się do tego doprowadzić, powinniśmy być w stanie w oparciu o nią skutecznie wdrożyć bardzo wiele inicjatyw.
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Commissioner Malmström mentioned trust. This is the nub of it.
Pani komisarz Malmström wspomniała o zaufaniu.
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We all know it, but the nub of the lamentable situation is this.
Wszyscy to wiemy, ale sęk w tym, że Mugabe wie, że ma poparcie.
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a small piece: stub, nubbin, part, piece
the choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience: kernel, heart, nitty-gritty, essence, haecceity, bare bones, cognitive content, gist, quintessence, sum, mental object, content, core, quiddity, centre, hypostasis, heart and soul, marrow, meat, substance, center, pith, stuff, inwardness
a small lump or protuberance: protrusion, extrusion, gibbousness, bulge, swelling, hump, prominence, nubble, bump, excrescence, jut, gibbosity, protuberance