presbyter in Portuguese

s. padre, presbítero

Example Sentences

. “New Presbyter is but Old Priest writ large,” as Milton once said of the cowardly Presbyterian reformation.
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He had been soothing the presbyter, who had already sent his servants to the stables to make ready to leave.
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Until that time the pastor of PRCB Yavor Rusinov has served as a assistant pastor, presbyter end youth leader in The Pentecostal Church.
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He threw the Church of Rome into confusion with the deportation to the mines in Sardinia of the two leaders of the Christian community, bishop Pontian and the presbyter Hippolytus.
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Prezviter Kozma named also Presbyter Cosmo is a Bulgarian church writer of the tenth century, who wrote lectures Tract against Bogomil, and For the monks.
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an elder in the Presbyterian Church: elder

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