Definition of spindle

1. A rod used for spinning and then winding natural fibres (especially wool), usually consisting of a shaft and a circular whorl positioned at either the upper or lower end of the shaft when suspended vertically from the forming thread.
2. A rod which turns, or on which something turns.
The spindle of a vane
3. A rotary axis of a machine tool or power tool.
4. A worldwide tree of the genus Euonymus, originally used for making the spindles used for spinning wool.
5. An upright spike for holding paper documents by skewering.
6. The fusee of a watch.
7. A long and slender stalk resembling a spindle.
8. A yarn measure containing, in cotton yarn, 15,120 yards; in linen yarn, 14,400 yards.
9. A solid generated by the revolution of a curved line about its base or double ordinate or chord.
10. Any marine univalve shell of the genus Rostellaria; a spindle stromb.
11. Any marine gastropod of the genus Fusus.
12. To make into a long tapered shape.
13. To impale on a device for holding paper documents.
Do not fold, spindle or mutilate this document.
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Example Sentences

The King, who wanted his beloved daughter to avoid any possible kind of misfortune, gave the orders that all the spindles in the kingdom be burnt.
El rey, que quería evitar a su querida hija todo género de desgracias, dio la orden de que se quemasen todos los husos de su reino.
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The young woman climbed a narrow staircase and came to a door, which she opened without delay. She saw a little room, in which was an old woman spinning laboriously on her spindle.
La joven subió una estrecha escalera y llegó a una puerta, la cual no se tardó en abrir. Vio una pequeña habitación, donde se hallaba una anciana con su huso hilando con la mayor laboriosidad.
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“What is it that moves so lightly?” the girl continued saying; and she went to grab the spindle and put it to spinning. However, just as she touched it the spell came into effect, and she pricked a finger.
“¿Qué es eso que se mueve con tanta ligereza?” continuó diciendo la niña; y fue a coger el huso para ponerse a hilar; pero apenas le había tocado, se realizó el encanto, y se pinchó un dedo.
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As she was too quick, and somewhat bewildered — and also because the fairy’s decree had predetermined it —, she was caught by the spindle, injured her hand, and fell down in a faint.
Como era muy vivaracha, algo aturdida y, además, el decreto de las hadas así lo ordenaba, en cuanto hubo cogido el huso se hirió con él la mano y cayó sin sentido.
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The king, eager to avoid the misfortune foretold by the old fairy, sent out an edict forbidding any one, under penalty of death, to spin with a spindle, or even to keep a spindle in their house.
Deseoso el monarca de evitar la desgracia anunciada por la vieja, mandó publicar acto continuo un edicto prohibiendo hilar con huso, así como guardarlos en las casas, bajo pena de la vida.
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The old fairy’s turn came next, and with her head shaking — more with spite than with age —, she said that the princess would puncture her hand with a spindle, and would die from the wound.
Llegole la vez a la vieja hada, la que dijo, temblándole la cabeza más a impulsos del despecho que de la vejez, que la princesita se heriría la mano con un huso y moriría de la herida.
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The princess shall indeed pierce her hand with a spindle; but, instead of dying, she shall only fall into a deep sleep, which shall last a hundred years, at the end of which a king’s son shall come and awaken her.”
La princesa se herirá la mano con un huso, pero, en vez de morir, sólo caerá en un tan profundo sueño que durará cien años, al cabo de los cuales vendrá a despertarla el hijo de un rey.
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Includes all finished grades of lubricating oil, from spindle oil to cylinder oil, and those used in greases, motor oils and all grades of lubricating oil base stocks.
Incluye todos los grados de aceites lubricantes, desde el aceite para husos al aceite para cilindros, y los utilizados en grasas, aceites de motor y todos los grados de aceites de base para lubricantes.
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Bench Extruder single-spindle, Brand BANDERA. 120 with mouth.
Bancada de Extrusora Monohusillo Marca BANDERA de 120 con boca.
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Extruder marks to Bausano 2 small spindles of 140 diameter 14 L/D, gear box of 6 speeds, motor 75 H.P., with electrical board.
Extrusora marca Bausano 2 husillos de 140 diámetro 14 L/D, caja de cambios de 6 velocidades, motor 75 c.v., con cuadro eléctrico.
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