aggregate in Ukrainian

n. скупність, ціле, агрегат
v. ціле: збирати в одно ціле, з'єднувати, складати, приєднувати
a. скупний, скупчений, загальний, спільний, з'єднаний
pron. весь

Example Sentences

The book achieved aggregate sales of 3.5 million.
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A return to fiscal sanity will be good in the long run, but it will reduce aggregate demand in the short run.
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By present turbine aggregates at three hydro-plants have been financed by leasing.
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FnDispatcher aggregates BasicDispatcher privately and provides appropriate forwarding functions.
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I could get this information from a TKPROF report as well, but this lets me aggregate the counts up easily.
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If an acquisition qualifies for pooling, the book values of the target and acquiring firms are aggregated.
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If an aggregate contains the aggregate (first derivative) composed of all its limiting elements, it is said to be closed.
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In order to get the aggregate count, we must count 250000+ records on over 3600 blocks.
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If we try to use DISTINCT with an aggregate function that doesn’t allow it,we will get an error.
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In 2001 they contributed an aggregate 51% of the bank’s total revenues.
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1. total: entire, complete, added, combined
2. entirety: whole, amount, totality, assemblage, body, gross, sum
3. gather: accumulate, amass, assemble, collect, total
4. add up to: amount to

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