descent in Ukrainian

n. спуск, зниження, пониження, схил, схилок, спад
v. зіходити
a. десантний

Example Sentences

The descent to hell is easy.
Спуститися в пекло легко.
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properties attributable to your ancestry: origin, lineage, filiation, extraction, ancestry, full blood, derivation
a movement downward: change of location, lightening, set, sinking, travel, drop, shower, cascade, slide, fall
the act of changing your location in a downward direction: jump, nose dive, abseil, dive, move, parachuting, flop, motion, rappel, swoop, collapse, crash dive, drop, nosedive, movement
a downward slope or bend: slope, decline, declivity, steep, downhill, downslope, declination, fall, declension, side, incline
the descendants of one individual: origin, kinfolk, family, stemma, family tree, line of descent, folk, parentage, pedigree, family line, phratry, stock, ancestry, blood, kinsfolk, line, lineage, genealogy, bloodline, sept, side, blood line
the kinship relation between an individual and the individual's progenitors: lineage, relationship, bilateral descent, unilateral descent, filiation, family relationship, line of descent, kinship

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