youngster in Ukrainian

n. хлопець, хлопчик, юнак, парубок, маля, малюк

Example Sentences

I began to sing when I was a youngster.
Я почав співати, коли я був ще молодий.
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a young person of either sex: juvenile, kiddy, orphan, rapscallion, changeling, piccaninny, fosterling, preschooler, picaninny, street child, tiddler, monkey, imp, peanut, pickaninny, rascal, tyke, tot, foster-child, small fry, nestling, poster child, kindergartner, fry, shaver, minor, wonder child, child's body, juvenile person, urchin, nipper, bambino, waif, scallywag, kindergartener, child prodigy, child, scalawag, foster child, kid, toddler, buster, yearling, silly, scamp, bairn, infant prodigy, tike, sprog