English → English - factor

n. cause; agent, broker; financier, money lender; number which is multiplied with another to produce a given product (Mathematics)
v. separate into factors (Mathematics)
n. factor, broker, agent (Eocnomy)

English → Spanish - factor

s. factor, agente, causante, circunstancia; divisor, submúltiplo
v. factorizar

Spanish → English - factor

n. factor, agent; factotum

English → French - factor

n. facteur; cause; agent; courtier; diviseur, coefficient
v. décomposer en facteurs premiers, se décomposer en facteurs premiers (en mathématique)

English → German - factor

n. Ursache; Kommissionär; Agent; Vertreter; Faktor
v. zerlegen, in Faktoren zerlegen (in der Mathematik)

English → Indonesian - factor

n. faktor, unsur, pengantara, agen, makelar, pengali
v. menguraikan pd pengali

English → Italian - factor

s. fattore, elemento, agente, coefficiente; (Mat) divisione; delegato, mandatario; commissionario; (scozz) amministratore
v. scomporre in fattori (matematica)

English → Polish - factor

n. pośrednik, faktor, mnożnik {mat.}, czynnik {mat.}, współczynnik, parametr, element, okoliczność

English → Portuguese - factor

s. fator; causa; agente, intermediário; subsidiador; financiador
v. fatorar, decompor em fatores (Mat.)

English → Romanian - factor

n. agent, agent comercial, intermediar, samsar, factor, coeficient {tehn.}

English → Russian - factor

с. фактор; посредник; движущая сила; особенность; момент; агент, комиссионер; множитель [мат.], коэффициент

English → Turkish - factor

i. faktör, değişken, etmen, öğe, eleman, etken, kalıtımsal özellik taşıyan gen, aracı kuruluş, finansör (üretimde), kâhya [İsk.], çarpan, katsayı, tambölen

English → Ukrainian - factor

n. фактор, агент, комісіонер

French → English - factor

factor, Factor

Italian → English - factor

n. factor, broker, agent (Eocnomy)

Portuguese → English - factor

n. coefficient, factor

Romanian → English - factor

n. factor, agent, coefficient, counteragent, agency, element, unit

Dutch → English - factor

n. factor, cause

English → Dutch - factor

zn. oorzaak; vertegenwoordiger; agent; financierder; makelaar; factor
ww. factor; factoor, agent; grootste gemene deler (wiskunde)

English → Greek - factor

ουσ. παράγοντας, πράκτορας, μεσίτης, συντελεστής, παράγοντας προστασίας, spf

Spanish → French - factor

(general) facteur (m)

Spanish → German - factor

n. agent, bevollmächtigte, faktor, moment, umstand

Spanish → Russian - factor

n. фактор

Dutch → French - factor

(algemeen) facteur (m)

English → Arabic - factor

‏العامل، وسيط تجاري، وكيل تجاري، المورثة، الجينة‏
‏حلل إلى عوامل‏

English → Chinese - factor

(名) 因素, 代理人, 因数
(动) 分解...的因子; 把...作为因素计入; 把...分解成; 代理经营

English → Chinese - factor

(名) 因素, 代理人, 因數
(動) 分解...的因數; 把...作為因素計入; 把...分解成; 代理經營

English → Hindi - factor

n. तत्त्व, कारण, नियोग, साधन, गुणक, गुणनखाना, प्रतिनिधि, अढ़तिया, अभिकर्त्ता, उपादान, भाज्य

English → Japanese - factor

(名) 要因; 仲介者; 金融業者; 因数; 係数(数学)
(動) 因数分解する(数学)

English → Korean - factor

명. 요인, 요소, 원인; 대리인, 대리업자; 채무자; 인수, 인자(수학)
동. 인수 분해하다

English → Vietnamese - factor

n. người đại lý, người mua bán, người quản lý, thừa số, hệ số

Spanish → Korean - factor

n. 인수, 대리인, 계수

Definition of factor

In the context of commercial transactions, a factor is a person who sells goods on behalf of others, taking a commission for services. A factor differs from a broker because factors take possession of the goods.

A factor may be a financier who lends money in return for an assignment of accounts receivable or other security; this is known as factoring.
--From Factor - Definition.net
1. A doer, maker; a person who does things for another person or organization.
The factor of the trading post bought the furs.
2. An agent or representative.
3. Legal
2. A person or business organization that provides money for another's new business venture; one who finances another's business.
3. A business organization that lends money on accounts receivable or buys and collects accounts receivable.
4. One of the elements, circumstances, or influences which contribute to produce a result.
The greatest factor in the decision was the need for public transportation.
The economy was a factor in this year's budget figures.
5. Any of various objects multiplied together to form some whole.
3 is a factor of 12, as are 2, 4 and 6.
The factors of the Klein four-group are both cyclic of order 2.
6. Influence; a phenomenon that affects the nature, the magnitude, and/or the timing of a consequence.
The launch temperature was a factor of the Challenger disaster.
7. A resource used in the production of goods or services, a factor of production.
8. A steward or bailiff of an estate.
9. To find all the factors of (a number or other mathematical object) (the objects that divide it evenly).
10. To be a product of other objects.
11. To sell a debt or debts to an agent (the factor) to collect.
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Verb Forms

Present participle: factoring
Present: factor (3.person: factors)
Past: factored
Future: will factor
Present conditional: would factor
Present Perfect: have factored (3.person: has factored)
Past Perfect: had factored
Future Perfect: will have factored
Past conditional: would have factored
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