English → English - fellowship

n. association, society; brotherhood; companionship; position of fellow (at a university); research grant

English → Spanish - fellowship

s. camaradería, compañerismo, compañía, comunión, confraternidad; beca

English → French - fellowship

n. association, compagnie; fraternité; camaraderie; collégialité; bourse de recherche

English → German - fellowship

n. Kameradschaft, Freundschaft, Gemeinschaft; Stellung eines Akademiemitglieds; Gesellschaft

English → Indonesian - fellowship

n. persahabatan, golongan, hubungan persahabatan, pengikutsertaan, keanggotaan, beasiswa

English → Italian - fellowship

s. comunanza, fraternità; amicizia, cameratismo, fratellanza; associazione, società; (Univ) associazione dei membri di un college; grado di membro interno; borsa di studio

English → Polish - fellowship

n. wspólnota, solidarność, zwartość, bractwo, poczet

English → Portuguese - fellowship

s. companhia; sociedade; camaradagem; bolsa de estudos; participação de lucros e perdas

English → Romanian - fellowship

n. tovărăşie, frăţie, camaraderie, solidaritate, calitatea de cercetător

English → Russian - fellowship

с. братство, общество, товарищество; компания, корпорация; соучастие, участие, членство, чувство товарищества

English → Turkish - fellowship

i. arkadaşlık, duygu paylaşımı, halden anlama, dernek, birlik, üniversite bursu

English → Ukrainian - fellowship

n. товариство, братство, корпорація, співучасть

English → Dutch - fellowship

zn. genootschap; broederschap; (wetenschappelijk) ambt, betrekking; beurs (v. doctoraal assistent)

English → Greek - fellowship

ουσ. συναδελφότητα, συντροφιά, υφηγεσία, αδελφότης, υποτροφία, αδελφότητα, αλληλεγγύη

English → Arabic - fellowship

‏منحة جامعية، طائفة، مودة، رفقة، صحبة، إشتراك في المصلحة، جماعة مؤلفة من أصحاب، ألفة مودة، زمالة‏

English → Chinese - fellowship

(名) 团体, 友谊, 奖学金

English → Chinese - fellowship

(名) 團體, 友誼, 獎學金

English → Hindi - fellowship

n. साहचर्य, सभा, समागम

English → Japanese - fellowship

(名) 仲間, 交友; 友情; 団体; 特別奨学金(大学の); 調査の奨励金

English → Korean - fellowship

명. 단체, 조합, 회, 모임; 형제애; 동지애, 친교; 동료, 친구; 연구비

English → Vietnamese - fellowship

n. quyền lợi chung, tình bạn hửu, tình bạn bè, tình bằng hửu, tìng trạng chung, đoàn thể, đồng nghiệp, tình bạn

Definition of fellowship

1. A company of people that share the same interest or aim.
2. A feeling of friendship, relatedness or connection between people.
3. A merit-based scholarship.
4. A temporary position at an academic institution with limited teaching duties and ample time for research; this may also be called a postdoc.
5. A period of supervised, sub-specialty medical training in the United States and Canada that a physician may undertake after completing a specialty training program or residency.
6. Spiritual communion with a divine being.
The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. (2 Corinthians 13:14, ESV))
7. To admit to fellowship, enter into fellowship with; to make feel welcome by showing friendship or building a cordial relationship. Now only in religious use.
The Bishop's family fellowshipped the new converts.
The Society of Religious Snobs refused to fellowship the poor, immigrant family.
8. To join in fellowship; to associate with. Now only in religious use, and chiefly U.S.
The megachurch he attends is too big for making personal connections, so he also fellowships weekly in one of the church's small groups.
After she got married, she stopped fellowshipping with the singles in our church.
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Verb Forms

Present participle: fellowshiping
Present: fellowship (3.person: fellowships)
Past: fellowshiped
Future: will fellowship
Present conditional: would fellowship
Present Perfect: have fellowshiped (3.person: has fellowshiped)
Past Perfect: had fellowshiped
Future Perfect: will have fellowshiped
Past conditional: would have fellowshiped
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