English → English - floor

n. flat surface at the bottom of the room on which one walks; story, level of a building; ground surface; area in a conference room from which the members speak; permission to speak
v. make a floor; cover a floor (i.e. with tiles); knock to the ground, knock down; press the gas pedal all the way down; astound, shock

English → Spanish - floor

s. piso, suelo
v. echar al suelo

English → French - floor

n. sol; plancher; étage, salle; planche; droit à la parole
v. carreler, daller un plancher; essuyer le plancher; faire tomber par terre; fouler aux pieds; confondre

English → German - floor

n. Boden; Stockwerk; Erde; Halle; Sprecherlaubnis
v. überfordern; besiegen; zu Boden strecken; schockieren

English → Indonesian - floor

n. lantai, dasar, tingkat, pangkat, loteng, mimbar pidato, penonton: para penonton
v. melantai, memapani, mengalahkan, merobohkan, menjatuhkan, membingungkan

English → Italian - floor

s. pavimento; base; piano; (Parl) spazio riservato ai membri dell'assemblea; (Econ) sala delle negoziazioni; (Mar) platea; pagliolo; madiere; fondo; (Comm) livello minimo; (Minier) suola, piede; strato
v. pavimentare; abbattere (fig.); atterrare

English → Polish - floor

n. podłoga, dno {geol.}, spąg {geol.}, piętro, klepisko
v. podłoga: układać podłogę, powalić
a. podłogowy

English → Portuguese - floor

s. chão; andar; assoalho; recinto; solo
v. ladrilhar; jogar no chão; derrotar; confundir, atrapalhar

English → Romanian - floor

n. podea, duşumea, planşeu, cat, etaj, fund, incintă a parlamentului
v. podi, pardosi, învinge, doborî, trânti jos, încurca, reduce la tăcere, invita un elev care nu ştie lecţia să stea jos

English → Russian - floor

с. пол, настил; дно моря; земля; киностудия, производство фильма; этаж, междуэтажное перекрытие, ярус; места для членов законодательного собрания; право выступать на собрании
г. настилать пол, повалить на пол, сбить с ног, одолеть, справиться

English → Turkish - floor

f. döşemek, yere yıkmak, yenmek, şaşırtmak, afallatmak, tam gaz vermek, köklemek
i. zemin, taban, döşeme, pist, düzlük, kat

English → Ukrainian - floor

n. підлога, дно, поверх, долівка, виступ: право виступу
v. підлога: настилати підлогу, збити з ніг, вимостити, сікти

English → Dutch - floor

zn. vloer; verdieping; benedenverdieping; zaal; platvorm; beurt om te spreken
ww. maken van een vloer; vloeren; verslaan; verwarren

English → Greek - floor

ουσ. πάτωμα, δάπεδο, όροφος
ρήμ. καταρρίπτω, σανιδώ

English → Arabic - floor

‏قعر، دور، طابق، أرضية، أرض، حق الكلام، مقاعد الأعضاء في البرلمان، أعضاء مجلس، الحد الأدنى‏
‏هزم، صرع، طرح، بلط أرضية، حير، أربك‏

English → Chinese - floor

(名) 地板, 底部, 楼层
(动) 铺地板, 打倒

English → Chinese - floor

(名) 地板, 底部, 樓層
(動) 鋪地板, 打倒

English → Hindi - floor

n. फ़र्श, तल्ला, भूतल, गृहमूल, घर का खंड
v. फ़र्श जमाना, पटिय जमाना

English → Japanese - floor

(動) 床を張る; 敷きつめる(タイルを); 床に打ち倒す; やり込める; 卒倒する
(名) 床; 階; 議員席

English → Korean - floor

명. 바닥; 층; 땅바닥; 발언석; 발언권
동. 바닥을 깔다; 바닥을 덮다 (타일등으로); 때려 눕히다, 쓰러뜨리다; 내려오는 길 내내 가스페달을 밟다; 어쩔 줄 모르다, 놀라다

English → Vietnamese - floor

n. sàn nhà, rầm nhà, tầng lầu, đáy sông, sân đập lúa, lớp khoáng sản
v. lót sàn nhà, đánh ngã địch thủ

Definition of floor

1. The bottom or lower part of any room; the supporting surface of a room.
The room has a wooden floor.
2. Ground (surface of the Earth, as opposed to the sky or water or underground).
3. The lower inside surface of a hollow space.
Many sunken ships rest on the ocean floor.
The floor of a cave served the refugees as a home.
The pit floor showed where a ring of post holes had been.
4. A structure formed of beams, girders, etc, with proper covering, which divides a building horizontally into storeys/stories.
5. The supporting surface or platform of a structure such as a bridge.
Wooden planks of the old bridge's floor were nearly rotten.
6. A storey/story of a building.
For years we lived on the third floor.
7. In a parliament, the part of the house assigned to the members, as opposed to the viewing gallery.
8. Hence, the right to speak at a given time during a debate or other public event.
Will the senator from Arizona yield the floor?
The mayor often gives a lobbyist the floor.
9. That part of the bottom of a vessel on each side of the keelson which is most nearly horizontal.
10. The rock underlying a stratified or nearly horizontal deposit.
11. A horizontal, flat ore body.
12. The largest integer less than or equal to a given number.
The floor of 4.5 is 4.
13. An event performed on a floor-like carpeted surface.
14. A lower limit on the interest rate payable on an otherwise variable-rate loan, used by lenders to defend against falls in interest rates. Opposite of a cap.
16. To cover or furnish with a floor.
Floor a house with pine boards
17. To strike down or lay level with the floor; to knock down.
18. To silence by a conclusive answer or retort.
Floor an opponent
19. To amaze or greatly surprise.
We were floored by his confession.
20. To finish or make an end of.
Floor a college examination
21. To set a lower bound.
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Verb Forms

Present participle: flooring
Present: floor (3.person: floors)
Past: floored
Future: will floor
Present conditional: would floor
Present Perfect: have floored (3.person: has floored)
Past Perfect: had floored
Future Perfect: will have floored
Past conditional: would have floored
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