English → English - freeze

n. act of freezing; state of being frozen; extreme cold (Meteorology); frost, great cold; act of ceasing the manufacture of; act of fixing (prices, wages, etc.) at a certain level
v. chill until solid; be chilled until solid; stiffen, make rigid; cease the manufacture of; fix at a certain level (prices, wages, etc.); anesthetize locally (American usage)

English → Spanish - freeze

s. congelamiento, congelación
v. congelar, helar, pasmar, refrigerar; congelarse, aterirse, helarse, pasmarse; estar muy frío

English → French - freeze

n. congélation; coagulation; gel (en météorologie); givre; un froid de loup
v. geler, congeler

English → German - freeze

n. Frost; Eis; Tiefgekühlt; Eingefroren; Frost; die Produktion stoppen; Festlegen
v. frieren; einfrieren; gefrieren; zufrieren; blockieren, stoppen

English → Indonesian - freeze

n. pembekuan, udara yg sangat dingin, penyetopan
v. membeku, membekukan, kedinginan, mendingin, berdaya: menjadi tdk berdaya, ketakutan, mendinginkan, memblokir

English → Italian - freeze

s. (Meteor) gelata, gelo; congelamento; (Pol) blocco
v. ghiacciare; congelarsi; attaccarsi per il gelo; gelare; morire dal freddo; (fig) agghiacciarsi, raggelarsi; (fig) restare immobile; (Mecc) grippare

English → Polish - freeze

n. mróz
v. marznąć, zamarznąć, ziębnąć, zmarznąć, lodowacieć, zlodowacieć, kostnieć, zamrażać, odmrozić, przemarzać, krzepnąć, mrozić, zamarzać, zamrozić

English → Portuguese - freeze

s. congelamento; frio (meteorologia); geada; congelação
v. congelar; refrigerar; gelar

English → Romanian - freeze

n. îngheţare
v. îngheţa, solidifica prin frig, preface în gheaţă, congela, stabiliza preţurile, frig: a-i fi foarte frig, degera

English → Russian - freeze

с. заморозка
г. замерзать, замораживать; покрываться льдом, морозить; примерзать, мерзнуть; застывать, стынуть, цепенеть, затвердевать; запрещать использование сырья или готовой продукции, запрещать производство сырья или готовой продукции, запрещать продажу сырья или готовой продукции

English → Turkish - freeze

f. donmak, buzlanmak, dondurucu olmak, buz tutmak, donakalmak, dondurmak, kırmak (cesaret)
i. donma, don, dondurulma

English → Ukrainian - freeze

n. заморожування, холод
v. заморожувати, замерзати, мерзнути, твердіти, вимерзати, застигати, змерзатися, зморожувати, морозити, морозитися, намерзати

English → Dutch - freeze

zn. vorst, vorstperiode
ww. vriezen; doen bevriezen, invriezen, bevriezen

English → Greek - freeze

ουσ. πάγωμα, πήξη
ρήμ. παγώνω, ξεπαγιάζω

English → Arabic - freeze

‏صقيع، تجمد، الصقيع المتجمد‏
‏تجمد، جمد، إستشعر بردا شديدا، تخثر، تجلد، سلك سلوكا باردا، إنسد، إنقطع عن الحركة، عامل ببرودة، برد الطعام، مات من البرد، تمسك، جمد القروض المصرفية، فتر‏

English → Chinese - freeze

(名) 结冰, 凝固
(动) 冻结, 楞住, 冷冻; 使结冰, 使呆住, 使冻住

English → Chinese - freeze

(名) 結冰, 凝固
(動) 凍結, 楞住, 冷凍; 使結冰, 使呆住, 使凍住

English → Hindi - freeze

v. बर्फ़ जमना, शीत से अकड़ जाना, जम जाना

English → Japanese - freeze

(名) 冷凍凍結; 極寒, 寒波(気象学); 氷結; 製造中止; 見直し(価格や賃金など)
(動) 凍る, 凍結する; 冷凍する; 凍るほど寒い; 凍える; 製造を中止する; 見直す(価格や賃金など)

English → Korean - freeze

명. 결빙; 언 상태; 혹한 (기상학); 추위; 제조 제작의 중단; 가격 또는 임금의 동결
동. 동결하다; 동결되다; 뻣뻣하게 굳다; 제조를 중단하다; 어느 정도에서 고정하다 ( 가격 또는 임금 등)

English → Vietnamese - freeze

n. sự đông giá, mùa đông giá, ngăn đá, ngăn lạnh, tuyết xoắn
v. đông lại, bị đặc lại, bị đóng thành băng

Definition of freeze

1. Especially of a liquid, to become solid due to low temperature.
2. To lower something's temperature to the point that it freezes or becomes hard.
Don't freeze meat twice.
3. To drop to a temperature below zero degrees celsius, where water turns to ice.
It didn't freeze this winter, but last winter was very harsh.
4. To be affected by extreme cold.
It's freezing in here!
Don't go outside wearing just a t-shirt; you'll freeze!
5. (of machines and software) To come to a sudden halt, stop working (functioning).
6. (of people and other animals) To stop (become motionless) or be stopped due to attentiveness, fear, surprise, etc.
Despite all of the rehearsals, I froze up as soon as I got on stage.
7. To lose or cause to lose warmth of feeling; to shut out; to ostracize.
Over time, he froze towards her, and ceased to react to her friendly advances.
8. To cause loss of animation or life in, from lack of heat; to give the sensation of cold to; to chill.
9. To prevent the movement or liquidation of a person's financial assets
The court froze the criminal's bank account
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Verb Forms

Present participle: freezing
Present: freeze (3.person: freezes)
Past: froze
Future: will freeze
Present conditional: would freeze
Present Perfect: have frozen (3.person: has frozen)
Past Perfect: had frozen
Future Perfect: will have frozen
Past conditional: would have frozen
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