English → Spanish - get in

v. entrar, introducir, entrar: hacer entrar, encajar, recoger, plantar, recaudar, decir, lograr decir, obtener, lograr dar, llegar a casa, regresar

English → French - get in

get in

English → German - get in

v. hineinkommen, hereinkommen, einsteigen, hineinlegen : sich hineinlegen, gewählt werden, ankommen, haus : nach hause kommen, unterbringen, einbringen, eintreiben, hereinholen, hineinholen, bekommen, einreichen, abgeben, einpflanzen, säen, mitnehmen, haus : ins haus bringen, kommen lassen

English → Indonesian - get in

v. masuk, tiba, sampai, memasukkan, bergaul rapat dgn, memetik, memungut, mengumpulkan, sempat

English → Italian - get in

v. entrare, introdurre

English → Polish - get in

v. wchodzić, wsiadać, przybyć, wślizgiwać się do środka, wybrany: zostać wybranym, odbierać, wejść, wsiąść, przybywać, odebrać

English → Portuguese - get in

v. entrar, chegar

English → Romanian - get in

v. intra, trece, fi ales, plasa

English → Russian - get in

а. входить, вносить, вводить, б. пройти на выборах, в. сажать (семена)
г. убирать (сено, урожай) The farmers are getting the crops in now they are ripe. д. нанести удар е. вернуть (долги и т. п.) ж. войти в пай, участвовать
(on - в) Alice is always wanting to get in on the act. It's a good idea to get in at the start, whatever you're doing. з. вставлять (слова), вворачивать

English → Turkish - get in

f. girmek, içeri girmek, içeriye girmek, seçilmek

English → Ukrainian - get in

v. входити, прибувати, влізати, поміщатися

English → Dutch - get in

ww. binnenkomen, instappen, binnenhalen, gekozen worden

English → Greek - get in

ρήμ. εκλέγομαι, μπαίνω, φθάνω, εισέρχομαι

English → Arabic - get in

‏دخل، توغل، تفضل بالدخول، نفذ إلى، تهرب، فاز على، تعرف على سرائره‏

English → Chinese - get in

v. 进 (jın4), 扎 (zha1), 积储 (jı1 chu3), 积存 (jı1 cun2)

English → Chinese - get in

v. 進 (jın4), 紮 (zha1), 積儲 (jı1 chu3), 積存 (jı1 cun2)

English → Hindi - get in

v. प्रवेश करना, अंदर आना, भीतर आना, आना, आ जाना, पहुंच आना, पहुंच जाना, जमाना, लगा देना, जमा देना

English → Japanese - get in

(动) 嵌める, 入る

English → Korean - get in

동. 대의원에 당선되다, 삽입하다

English → Vietnamese - get in

v. đi vào

Definition of get in

1. An exclamation of joy.
"You gained full marks in the exam." "Get in!"
2. In
3. To get into or inside something, literally or figuratively.
Hurry up and get in the car!
He tried to go after the ball but couldn't get in the game.
You'd better get in gear. We've got work to do!
4. To enter a place; to gain access.
If you want to get in, you'll need the gate code and a key.
Teens walk the redlight district but can never get in.
They hacked his password and finally got in.
5. To secure membership at a selective school.
All of our students who applied to university got in.
6. To be elected to some office.
Do the early results say our candidate will get in?
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