English → English - honor

[honor (Amer.) ] n. esteem, respect, good reputation; integrity, honesty, truthfulness; award, tribute; privilege; pride, dignity (also honour)
v. show respect; respect, esteem; give an award to, pay tribute, praise; accept; fulfill a promise (also honour)
n. honor; credit; privilege

English → Spanish - honor

[honor (Amer.) ] s. honor, dignidad, honorabilidad, honra, pundonor; elogio, homenaje, prez
v. honrar, distinguir, enaltecer, engrandecer, glorificar, guardar respeto, homenajear, honorar, laurear, rendir homenaje, rendir homenaje a, rendir honor, rendir tributo, reverenciar; observar

Spanish → English - honor

[honor (m)] n. honor; credit; privilege

English → French - honor

[honor (Amer.) ] n. honneur, respect, estime; bonne réputation, intégrité, honnêteté; privilège; prix, prime, distinction honorifique; dignité; fierté, amour-propre
v. honorer; faire honneur à; respecter; estimer; payer, accepter; accorder un prix à; complimenter; tenir promesse

English → German - honor

Amer.) ] n. Ehre, Ehrerbietung, Achtung; Intergrität, Aufrichtigkeit; Preis, Tribut; Privileg; Stolz
v. respektieren, Ehre erweisen; ehren; ein Versprechen halten

English → Indonesian - honor

n. kehormatan, penghormatan, penghargaan, kemuliaan, kebesaran, kemurnian, akhlak, nama baik, terhormat: yg terhormat
v. menghormati, menjunjung, menghargai, memperkalang, memuja, memuliakan, menetapi, menerima, menguangkan, membayar wesel tepat pd waktunya

English → Italian - honor

[honor (Amer.) ] s. onore, stima, rispetto; onestà, integrità morale; tributo; privilegio; orgoglio, dignità
v. onorare; rispettare, stimare; premiare; dare un tributo; mantenere un impegno finanziario o una promessa

English → Polish - honor

n. honor, cześć, zaszczyt, odznaczanie, godność
v. honorować, odznaczać, zaszczycać, uczcić, uświetniać, odznaczyć, zaszczycić, uświetnić

English → Portuguese - honor

[honor (Amer.) ] s. honra, respeito, estima, boa reputação; integridade, honestidade; prêmio, tributo; previlégio; orgulho, dignidade (no inglês britânico escreve-se honour)
v. honrar; cumprir; estimar; premiar, pagar tributo a, elogiar; aceitar; cumprir uma promessa (inglês britânico: honour)

English → Romanian - honor

n. cinste, onoare, onorare, vrednicie, demnitate, distincţie, distincţie: distincţii, onor: onoruri, semn de respect, titlu: titluri onorifice, omenie, întâmpinare, intervenţie, examen luat cu cea mai mare notă
v. cinsti, onora, respecta, distinge, omeni, învrednici, conferi un titlu de onoare, accepta

English → Russian - honor

[honor (Amer.) ] с. честь, благородство; доброе имя; почет, уважение; почести, награды, ордена
г. уважать, почитать, чтить, почтить, чествовать, удостаивать, соблюдать, выполнять, акцептировать, оплатить, оплатить чек, платить в срок

English → Turkish - honor

f. saygı göstermek, onurlandırmak, şeref vermek, onur nişanı vermek, saymak, kabul etmek (çek)
[honor (Amer.) ] i. onur, şeref, özsaygı, haysiyet, izzetinefis, saygınlık, namus, övünç, hürmet, misafir ağırlama, büyük koz, golfte başlama vuruşu hakkı

English → Ukrainian - honor

n. честь, чесність, благородство, репутація, почесть, гонор, шана, шанування
v. шанувати, відзначати нагородою, величати

Indonesian → English - honor

n. honorarium, royalty, emolument

Polish → English - honor

n. honour, honor, dignity

English → Dutch - honor

[honor (Amer.) ] zn. eer, respect, goede reputatie; integriteit, eerlijkheid; bekroning, beloning, geschenk; privilege; trots, eer
ww. eren; belofte houden

English → Greek - honor

[honor (Amer.) ] ουσ. τιμή
ρήμ. τιμώ

Spanish → French - honor

(moralidad) honneur (m)

Spanish → German - honor

n. ehre, ehrgefühl, ehrung, ehrenamt, ehrentitel

Spanish → Russian - honor

n. честь, репутация

English → Arabic - honor

‏إحترام، فخارأو فخر، ماء الوجه، وسام الشرف، سمعة حسنة، عفاف، إجلال، طهارة، فخر، مقام رفيع، درجة الشرف‏
‏إحترم، وفى، وفى بوعده، أجل، عامل بإحترام، أضفى شرفا، نفذ، قبل ودفع، إفتخر، ميز‏

English → Chinese - honor

[honor (Amer.) ] (名) 荣誉; 信誉, 信用; 名誉, 面子; 光荣的事或人

English → Chinese - honor

[honor (Amer.) ] (名) 榮譽; 信譽, 信用; 名譽, 面子; 光榮的事或人

English → Hindi - honor

n. संमान, आदर, पूजा, सत्कार, कीर्ति, शर्म
v. प्रतिष्ठा करना, संमानित करना, भुगतान करना

English → Japanese - honor

[honor (Amer.) ] (動) 敬意を表す; 尊敬する; 賞賛する; 受け入れる; 約束を果たす(honour とも綴る)
(名) 尊敬, 栄誉; 誠実; 賞, 賛辞; 特権; 威厳(honour とも綴る)

English → Korean - honor

[honor (Amer.) ] 명. 명예, 영예, 명성; 정직, 진실함; 상, 선물, 패; 특권; 자부심, 위엄, 존엄
동. 존경하다; 명예를 주다, 영광을 주다; 인수하다

English → Vietnamese - honor

n. danh dự, vinh dự, danh giá, thể diện, địa vị, sự trinh bạch, sự trinh tiết, tiết thục
v. tôn kính, tôn trọng, làm vinh dự, làm vẻ vang

Spanish → Korean - honor

n. 명예, 존경, 영예, 우등

Definition of honor

1. Recognition of importance or value; respect; veneration (of someone, usually for being morally upright and/or competent).
The crowds gave the returning general much honor and praise.
2. The state of being morally upright, honest, noble, virtuous, and magnanimous; excellence of character; the perception of such a state; favourable reputation; dignity.
He was a most perfect knight, for he had great honor and chivalry.
His honor was unstained.
3. A token of praise or respect; something that represents praiseworthiness or respect, such as a prize or award given by the state to a citizen.
Honors are normally awarded twice a year: on The Queen's Birthday in June and at the New Year.
He wore an honor on his breast.
Military honors; civil honors
Audie Murphy received many honors, such as the Distinguished Service Cross.
4. A privilege.
I had the honour of dining with the ambassador.
5. The privilege of going first.
I'll let you have the honours, Bob—go ahead.
1. Golf The right to play one's ball before one's opponent.
6. A cause of respect and fame; a glory; an excellency; an ornament.
He is an honour to his nation.
7. A seigniory or lordship held of the king, on which other lordships and manors depended.
8. (heraldry, countable) The center point of the upper half of an armorial escutcheon. (Compare honour point.)
9. In bridge, an ace, king, queen, jack, or ten especially of the trump suit. In some other games, an ace, king, queen or jack.
10. (Courses for) an honours degree: a university qualification of the highest rank.
At university I took honours in modern history.
11. To think of highly, to respect highly; to show respect for; to recognise the importance or spiritual value of.
The freedom fighters will be forever remembered and honored by the people.
12. To conform to, abide by, act in accordance with (an agreement, treaty, promise, request, or the like).
I trusted you, but you have not honored your promise.
Refuse to honor the test ban treaty
13. To confer (bestow) an honour or privilege upon (someone).
Ten members of the profession were honored at the ceremony.
The prince honored me with an invitation to his birthday banquet.
14. To make payment in respect of (a cheque, banker's draft etc).
I'm sorry Sir, but the bank did not honour your cheque.
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Verb Forms

Present participle: honoring
Present: honor (3.person: honors)
Past: honored
Future: will honor
Present conditional: would honor
Present Perfect: have honored (3.person: has honored)
Past Perfect: had honored
Future Perfect: will have honored
Past conditional: would have honored
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