English → English - inventory

n. stock; list of assets; act of checking stock
v. take inventory, make a detailed list of property; summarize; sum up the worth of

English → Spanish - inventory

s. inventario, recuento
v. inventariar; catalogar; hacer inventario; confeccionar una lista detallada; resumir, compendiar; tener un valor que asciende a

English → French - inventory

n. inventaire; liste d'inventaire
v. faire un inventaire; résumer; se monter à

English → German - inventory

n. Inventar, Bestand; Bestandsliste
v. inventarisieren, Bestand aufnehmen; zusammenfassen, Wert berechnen von

English → Indonesian - inventory

n. inventaris, inventarisasi
v. menginventarisasikan, menginventarisir

English → Italian - inventory

s. inventario; beni inventariati; scorte in magazzino
v. inventariare; (Dir) fare l'inventario di

English → Polish - inventory

n. inwentarz, zapas, remanent

English → Portuguese - inventory

s. invenção; invento; criatividade
v. preparar inventário, fazer contagem de estoque; resumir, preparar sinopse; acertar sobre o valor de-

English → Romanian - inventory

n. inventar

English → Russian - inventory

с. инвентарь, опись, предметы, товары
г. составлять опись, вносить в инвентарь

English → Turkish - inventory

f. envanterini yapmak, envantere işlemek
i. envanter, sayım defteri, stok

English → Ukrainian - inventory

n. інвентаризація, список, анкета, інвентар, переоблік
v. опис: складати опис, підсумовувати

English → Dutch - inventory

zn. inventaris; boedelbeschrijving
ww. inventariseren, een boedelbeschrijving geven van; ongeveer samenvatten

English → Greek - inventory

ουσ. καταγραφή εμπορευμάτων, απογραφή εμπορευμάτων

English → Arabic - inventory

‏قائمة الجرد، موجودات مخزون، جرد السلع، جرد، عملية الجرد‏

English → Chinese - inventory

(名) 详细目录, 存货清单
(动) 编制; 盘存; 把...登入目录

English → Chinese - inventory

(名) 詳細目錄, 存貨清單
(動) 編制; 盤存; 把...登入目錄

English → Hindi - inventory

n. ईजाद, आविष्कार, आविष्करण
v. आविष्कार करना, गढ़ना

English → Japanese - inventory

(名) 在庫, 蓄え; 目録; 棚卸
(動) 目録を作る; 要約する; 評価する

English → Korean - inventory

명. 재고; 자산목록; 재고조사
동. 목록에 기입하다

English → Vietnamese - inventory

n. bản kê tất cả hàng hóa, sự kiểm kê hàng tồn kho, kiểm kê tài sản, kiểm kê ruộng đất, kiềm kê tiền bạc, kiểm hàng hóa
v. làm bản kê hàng hóa, kiểm kê tài sản

Definition of inventory

1. The stock of an item on hand at a particular location or business
Due to an undersized inventory at the Boston outlet, customers had to travel to Providence to find the item.
2. A detailed list of all of the items on hand
The inventory included several items that one wouldn't normally think to find at a cheese shop.
3. The process of producing or updating such a list
This month's inventory took nearly three days.
4. A space containing the items available to a character for immediate use.
5. To take stock of the resources or items on hand; to produce an inventory.
The main job of the night shift was to inventory the store, and restock when necessary.
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Verb Forms

Present participle: inventorying
Present: inventory (3.person: inventories)
Past: inventoried
Future: will inventory
Present conditional: would inventory
Present Perfect: have inventoried (3.person: has inventoried)
Past Perfect: had inventoried
Future Perfect: will have inventoried
Past conditional: would have inventoried
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