English → English - keep

n. wages, living, livelihood; stronghold, strongest part of a medieval castle
v. retain possession of, hold onto; save, store; watch over, care for, look after, maintain; observe, obey, adhere; stay, remain; continue; stop, cease
n. notch, nick; brambling, type of finch with a black and white body and a reddish breast (native to Europe)

English → Spanish - keep

s. mantenimiento; torreón, torre del homenaje; custodia
v. mantener, conservar, guardar, guardarse, quedarse con, reservar, reservarse, retener; continuar, celebrar, observar, seguir; conservarse, mantenerse; alojar, dar alojamiento a, dar hospedaje

English → French - keep

n. frais de subsistance; subsistance; nourriture; donjon, réduit (de château fort)
v. tenir; garder, conserver, suivre, observer, continuer; entretenir, faire vivre; diriger; élever; être actionnaire de

English → German - keep

n. Unterhalt; Bergfried (Historie); Haftzelle
v. halten; einhalten; begehen; behüten; unterhalten (finanziell); instandhalten; weiter machen, fortführen

English → Indonesian - keep

v. menyimpan, memiliki, memelihara, mengongkosi, membiayai, menghidupi, menahan, menjaga, tahan lama, tinggal, memegang, mempergantungi, memenuhi, mematuhi, mentaati, memperhatikan, turut, memperturuntukan, menepati, memperteguh, memperteguhkan, merayakan, menerima, menunjukkan

English → Italian - keep

s. mantenimento, sostentamento; vitto e alloggio; (fam) prigione, galera, (pop) gattabuia; (Mecc) cappello; (Mil; ant) maschio
v. tenere, mantenere; trattenere; tenere in serbo, tenere da parte, conservare, serbare; impedire; custodire; proteggere, salvare, salvaguardare; detenere, tenere in arresto; sostentare, provvedere a

English → Polish - keep

n. utrzymanie, wikt
v. przestrzegać, wytrzymać, dotrzymać, święcić, zachować, przechować, kryć się, podtrzymywać, opieka: mieć w opiece, trzymać, hodować, prowadzić, zatrzymać, mieć się, zachowywać, przechowywać, podtrzymać, zatrzymywać

English → Portuguese - keep

s. sustento, manutenção, economia; forte, fortaleza
v. guardar; ficar; cumprir; sustentar; deixar; continuar; dirigir; criar; possuir

English → Romanian - keep

n. întreţinere, subzistenţă {fam.}, hrană, rezervă de nutreţ, turn principal, închisoare, temniţă, capacul corpului de lagăr, tachet, stare {fam.}
v. ţine, respecta, călca: nu călca, abate: nu se abate de la, sărbători, cinsti, apăra, păzi, feri, avea în păstrare, reţine, avea în grijă, avea grijă de, îngriji: se îngriji de, avea, întreţine, părăsi: nu părăsi, rămâne în, dezlipi: nu se dezlipi de, menţine, păstra, continua, face, vinde, manifesta: nu manifesta, trăda: nu trăda
v. întreţine: se întreţine, fi, continua să fie, menţine: se menţine, dura, dăinui, rezista, strica: nu se strica, sta, locui, trăi, rămâne

English → Russian - keep

с. прокорм, пища, содержание, главная башня, контрбукса
г. держать, иметь, хранить, беречь, поберечь; продолжать делать; не отдавать, скрывать, утаивать; содержать, обеспечивать, прокормить; иметь в распоряжении, иметь в услужении; задерживать; охранять, защищать
сохраняться, сохранять свежесть, сохранять, сохранять новизну, не устаревать; соблюдать, соблюсти, придерживаться

English → Turkish - keep

f. tutmak, bulundurmak, sağlamak, korumak, temelli almak, sürdürmek, devam ettirmek, alıkoymak, bakmak, gözkulak olmak, işletmek, uymak, kalmak, durmak, kutlamak
i. iç kale, kale, geçim, yiyecek, bakım, himaye

English → Ukrainian - keep

n. прокорм, фураж, угодованість
v. тримати, берегти, утримувати, зберігатися, залишатися, дотримуватися, додержувати, зберігати, держати, залишати, лишати, оберігати, протримати, справляти

Dutch → English - keep

n. notch, nick, sco re, nock

English → Dutch - keep

zn. inkomen, inkomsten; donjon (gevangenis in fort of kasteel)
ww. houden; bewaren; krijgen; onderhouden; volhouden; leiden; voeren; groot laten worden; eigenaar zijn van

English → Greek - keep

ουσ. διατήρηση, συντήρηση, φαί
ρήμ. διατηρώ, συντηρούμαι, κρατώ, φυλάσσω, συντηρώ, μένω, γιορτάζω

Dutch → French - keep

(algemeen) entaille (f)

German → Dutch - keep

keep ,mastgleuf ,mastgroef

English → Arabic - keep

‏إحتفظ، أعاد، إمتنع عن، ربى، ودع، حفظ، وقى، كبت، إستمر، ظل، واصل، حجز، أخفى، سيطر، إعتكف في، صمد، راعى، طعم، أعال، إعتصم‏

English → Chinese - keep

(名) 生计, 保持, 维持
(动) 保持; 遵守; 保存; 保持; 继续不断

English → Chinese - keep

(名) 生計, 保持, 維持
(動) 保持; 遵守; 保存; 保持; 繼續不斷

English → Hindi - keep

v. धरना, रखना, पास रखना, पकड़ना, सुरक्षित रखना, रक्षा करना, यत्न करना, बनाए रखना, पूरा करना, देख-रेख करना

English → Japanese - keep

(名) 食と住, 生活; 本丸
(動) 持っている; 預かる; 保つ, 保持する; しまっておく, 保管する; 続ける; 養う; 維持する

English → Korean - keep

명. 생활비, 생계; 요새, 성
동. 간직하다, 계속지니다; 비치해 두다; 지키다, 보호하다, 돌보다; 지키다, 따르다, 수행하다; 머물다; 유지하다; 막다, 중단시키다

English → Vietnamese - keep

n. tháp, đài, vọng lầu, kế sanh nhai, thực phẫm, đồ ăn, thường xuyên, vĩnh cửu
v. giử, tuân theo, giử lời hứa, không sai hẹn, canh phòng, phòng thủ, canh giử, giử gôn, chăn trừu, giử gìn, có ngăn nắp, cung cấp, cấp dưởng, để riêng

Definition of keep

1. To continue in (a course or mode of action); not to intermit or fall from; to maintain.
To keep silence;
To keep one's word;
To keep possession
2. To hold the status of something.
1. To maintain possession of.
I keep a small stock of painkillers for emergencies.
2. To maintain the condition of.
I keep my specimens under glass to protect them.
The abundance of squirrels kept the dogs running for hours.
3. Transitive To record transactions, accounts, or events in.
I used to keep a diary.
4. Transitive To enter (accounts, records, etc.) in a book.
5. Archaic To remain in, to be confined to.
6. To restrain.
I keep my brother out of trouble by keeping him away from his friends and hard at work.
7. With from To watch over, look after, guard, protect.
May the Lord keep you from harm.
8. To supply with necessities and financially support a person.
He kept a mistress for over ten years.
9. Of living things To raise; to care for.
He has been keeping orchids since retiring.
10. To maintain (an establishment or institution); to conduct; to manage.
11. To have habitually in stock for sale.
3. To hold or be held in a state.
12. Obsolete To reside for a time; to lodge; to dwell.
She kept to her bed while the fever lasted.
13. To continue.
I keep taking the tablets, but to no avail.
14. To remain edible or otherwise usable.
Potatoes can keep if they are in a root cellar.
Latex paint won't keep indefinitely.
15. Copulative To remain in a state.
The rabbit avoided detection by keeping still.
Keep calm! There's no need to panic.
4. To wait for, keep watch for.
5. To act as wicket-keeper.
Godfrey Evans kept for England for many years.
6. To take care; to be solicitous; to watch.
7. To be in session; to take place.
School keeps today.
8. To observe; to adhere to; to fulfill; not to swerve from or violate.
9. To confine oneself to; not to quit; to remain in.
To keep one's house, room, bed, etc.
10. To visit (a place) often; to frequent.
11. Care, notice
12. The main tower of a castle or fortress, located within the castle walls. (According to Wikipedia:keep, the word comes "from the Middle English term kype, meaning basket or cask, and was a term applied to the shell keep at Guînes, said to resemble a barrel".)
13. The food or money required to keep someone alive and healthy; one's support, maintenance.
He works as a cobbler's apprentice for his keep.
14. The act or office of keeping; custody; guard; care; heed; charge.
15. The state of being kept; hence, the resulting condition; case.
To be in good keep
16. That which is kept in charge; a charge.
17. A cap for holding something, such as a journal box, in place.
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Verb Forms

Present participle: keeping
Present: keep (3.person: keeps)
Past: kept
Future: will keep
Present conditional: would keep
Present Perfect: have kept (3.person: has kept)
Past Perfect: had kept
Future Perfect: will have kept
Past conditional: would have kept
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