English → English - kudzu vine

species of climbing vine that originated in China and Japan (now widely cultivated in the United States for fodder, fiber, and as a means of preventing erosion)

English → French - kudzu vine

vigne kudzu, variété de vignes grimpantes originaire de la Chine ou du Japon cultivée aussi de nos jours au Etats-Unis pour son fourrage, sa fibre

English → German - kudzu vine

Kudzu Pflanze, asiatische Kletterpflanze aus China und Japan stammend (heutzutage in den USA gezüchtet und u.a. als Trockenfutter eingesetzt)

English → Italian - kudzu vine

vite kudzu, vite rampicante originaria della Cina e Giappone (ora ampiamente coltivata negli Stati Uniti per il foraggio, le fibre e nella prevenzione dell'erosione)

English → Dutch - kudzu vine

soort klimmende wingerd dat zijn oorsprong vindt in China en Japan (nu algemeen gecultiveerd in V.S. voor veevoer, vezel, en als middel tegen preventie)

Definition of kudzu vine

1. Fast-growing vine from eastern Asia having tuberous starchy roots and hairy trifoliate leaves and racemes of purple flowers followed by long hairy pods containing many seeds; grown for fodder and forage and root starch; widespread in the southern United States.
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