English → English - late

adj. coming or occurring after the usual or expected time, tardy, slow, delayed; newest, most recent; near the end of the day or far into the night; deceased; former, no longer holding a certain position
adv. after the usual or expected time, tardily; recently; far into the night; far on in time; formerly
adj. wide, broad, extended

English → Spanish - late

adj. retrasado, atrasado, demorado, demoroso, impuntual, rezagado, tardío; difunto, fallecido, muerto, póstumo; avanzado, de última fecha
adv. tarde, a última hora, con atraso, con retraso

Spanish → English - late

[latir] v. beat, throb, pulsate

English → French - late

adj. en retard, tard, retardé; dernier, récent, nouveau; défunt
adv. en retard; tard; jusqu'à une heure tardive; après coup; dernièrement

English → German - late

adj. spät; verspätet; neueste; verstorben; ehemalig, vormalig
adv. zu spät; verspätet; verstorben; ehemals, vormals

English → Indonesian - late

a. terlambat, lambat, lat, telat, larut, baru-baru, baru-baru saja, bekas, mendiang, almarhum
adv. terlambat

English → Italian - late

agg. (pred) tardi, in ritardo; avanzato, inoltrato; ultimo, recente; tardivo; defunto, (fam) povero; ex, già
avv. tardi, in ritardo; fino a tardi, fino a tarda ora; ultimamente, recentemente, di recente

English → Polish - late

a. późny, spóźniony, opóźniony, świętej pamięci, były, dawny, ostatni, końcowy
adv. późno, późno: do późna, koniec: pod koniec, dawniej, ongi, ostatnio

English → Portuguese - late

adj. atrasado; atraso; último; novo; falecido; que faleceu ultimamente; recente
adv. tarde; ultimamente; há pouco; até ultimamente; até um certo ponto; até uma certa hora

English → Romanian - late

a. târziu, curând: de curând, întârziat, ultim, recent, răposat, decedat, regretat, tardiv
adv. târziu

English → Russian - late

прил. опаздывающий, запоздалый, поздний; замедленный; глубокий; недавний; последний, прежний, бывший; покойный, умерший; созревающий в конце сезона, цветущий в конце сезона
нареч. за последнее время, поздно, недавно

English → Turkish - late

s. geç, gecikmiş, geç kalan, son, son zamanlarda olan, geçen, eski, rahmetli

English → Ukrainian - late

a. пізній, запізнілий, недавній, колишній, запізнений, останній, покійний
adv. пізно

Dutch → English - late

[laat] adj. late, tardy

English → Dutch - late

bn. laat, late; verlaat; laatste, nieuwe; de zojuist overledene; vroeger
bw. laat; te laat; tot een laat uur; tot een later tijdstip; laatst; tot nu toe

English → Greek - late

επίθ. καθυστερημένος, αργός, βραδύνων, πρόσφατος, πρώην, μακαρίτης
επίρ. αργά

English → Arabic - late

‏متأخر، مرحوم، فقيد، متوفي، السابق، الأخير، راحل، حديث، مبطئ‏
‏إلى ساعة متأخرة، نام متأخرا‏

English → Chinese - late

(形) 迟的; 已故的; 晚的
(副) 迟到, 来不及; 在晚期; 晚; 不久前

English → Chinese - late

(形) 遲的; 已故的; 晚的
(副) 遲到, 來不及; 在晚期; 晚; 不久前

English → Hindi - late

a. विलंबित, पिछेता, पिछला, हाल का, स्वर्गीय, भूतपूर्व, विलंब से आया हुआ, पीछे का, बहुत दिन चढे, बहुत रात चढे, गत, मृत
adv. थोड़े दिन हुए, विलंब से, हाल ही में

English → Japanese - late

(副) 遅れて; 最近に; 遅く; 夜更けに; 前に
(形) 遅れた, 遅くなった; 遅刻した; 遅い; 遅くまで続く; 遅く始まる; 最新の; 夜更けの; 死亡した; 前の

English → Korean - late

형. 늦은, 연기된; 최근의 ; 늦게까지 ; 돌아가신, 작고한; 이전의, 전
부. 늦게; 최근에; 늦게까지; 뒤늦은; 전, 이전

English → Vietnamese - late

a. trể, muộn, trưa, khuya, cũ, cựu, qua đời, mới xảy ra
adv. chậm

Definition of late

1. Near the end of a period of time.
It was late in the evening when we finally arrived.
2. Specifically, near the end of the day.
It was getting late and I was tired.
3. Associated with the end of a period.
Late Latin is less fully inflected than classical Latin.
4. Not arriving until after an expected time.
Even though we drove as fast as we could, we were still late.
Panos was so late that he arrived at the meeting after Antonio, who had the excuse of being in hospital for most of the night.
5. Not having had an expected menstrual period.
I'm late, honey. Could you buy a test?
6. (anchor, deceased)(not comparable, euphemistic) Deceased, dead: (used particularly when speaking of the dead person's actions while alive.) (Often used with "the")
Her late husband had left her well provided for.
The piece was composed by the late Igor Stravinsky.
7. Existing or holding some position not long ago, but not now; departed, or gone out of office.
The late bishop of London;  the late administration
8. Recent — relative to the noun it modifies.
9. A shift (scheduled work period) that takes place late in the day or at night.
10. After a deadline has passed, past a designated time.
We drove as fast as we could, but we still arrived late.
11. Formerly, especially in the context of service in a military unit.
Colonel Easterwood, late of the 34th Carbines, was a guest at the dinner party.
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