English → English - mark

n. male first name (form of Marcus); family name; one of the twelve disciples of Jesus, author of the Gospel of Mark (Biblical); second of the four Gospels of the New Testament written by St. Mark (Biblical); village in Illinois (USA); medieval territory in Germany
n. Deutsche Mark, unit of currency in Germany; (Anatomy) medulla, bone marrow
n. mark, unit of currency in Germany

English → Spanish - mark

s. marca, etiqueta; Marcos; señal, signo; calificación, puntaje; impresión, cuño, impronta, marco

English → French - mark

n. Mark ou Marc, prénom masculin (forme de Marcus); nom de famille; saint Marc, un des quatre évangélistes; Evangile de Saint marc, second évangile du Nouveau Testament écrit par Saint Marc; village de l'Illinois (USA); territoire médiéval de l'Allemagne

English → German - mark

[mark] n. Marke; Markierung; Zeichen (üblicherweise ein X) von einer Person die nicht schreiben kann an der Stelle an der sonst die Unterschrift sein soll gezeichnet; Spur; Abdruck; Ziel; Fleck; Zensur, Note; ehemalige Währung Deutschlands (Deutsche Mark)
v. markieren, notieren; registrieren; zur Kenntnis nehmen
n. Mark, männlicher Vorname (Form von Markus); Nachname; einer der zwölf Apostel Jesu, Autor der Markus Briefe (Neues Testament); Dorf in Illinois (USA); mittelalterliche Region in Deutschland

English → Indonesian - mark

n. tanda, cap, jejak, bekas, angka, nilai, tingkat, taraf, sasaran, noda, ciri, gerak, kemasyhuran
v. menandai, tanda: menjadi tanda, menilai, memberi harga pd, memperhatikan

English → Italian - mark

s. Marco, nome proprio maschile; cognome; uno dei dodici discepoli di Gesù; secondo dei quattro vangeli del Nuovo Testamento scritto da San Marco; cittadina nell'Illinois (USA)

English → Polish - mark

n. marka, znaczek, znak, kreska, oznaczenie, nota, rejestr, dowód, piętno, znamię, blizna, stopień, ocena, cecha
v. znaczyć, wyznaczać, naznaczyć, poznaczyć, nanieść, oznakować, piętnować, oznaczać, oceniać, kotować, zanotować, ocechować, markować, zaznaczać, cechować, wyznaczyć, naznaczać, nanosić, ocenić, zaznaczyć

English → Portuguese - mark

s. Mark, Marcos, nome próprio masculino (de Marcus); sobrenome; um dos doze discípulos de Cristo, autor do Livro de Marcos (Bíblico); segundo dos quatro Livros do Novo Testamento escrito por São Marcos (Bíblico); vila em Illinois (EUA); território medieval na Alemanha

English → Romanian - mark

n. marcă, urmă, semn, pată, dovadă, simptom, trăsătură, trăsătură caracteristică, calificativ, semn distinctiv, notă, punct, danga, reper, amprentă, ţintă, model, scop, deget, amprentă digitală, cruce, semnătură, succes, calitate
v. lăsa un semn, lăsa o pată pe, păta, marca, însemna, face un semn pe, indica, arăta, fi semnul, urmări, trăda, lăsa urme pe, califica, nota, înregistra

English → Russian - mark

с. Марк

English → Turkish - mark

i. markos

English → Ukrainian - mark

n. штамп, орієнтир, рубіж, ціль, бал, знак, зазначка, марка, міта, мітка, оцінка, позначка, помітка, признака, пруг, слід
v. мітити, відзначати, штампувати, значити, карбувати, маркірувати, маркувати, назначати, натаврити

French → English - mark

(m) n. mark, unit of currency in Germany

German → English - mark

n. male first name (form of Marcus); family name; one of the twelve disciples of Jesus, author of the Gospel of Mark (Biblical); second of the four Gospels of the New Testament written by St. Mark (Biblical); village in Illinois (USA); medieval territory in Germany

Turkish → English - mark


Dutch → English - mark

n. mark, sign, indication

English → Dutch - mark

npr. mark

English → Greek - mark

ουσ. μάρκο, σημαντήρας, σημάδι, σημείο, βαθμός, στόχος, σκοπός

German → Spanish - mark

n. marco (f), límite (f), frontera (f), territorio fronterizo (f), marca (f), médula (f), tuétano (m), meollo (m), pulpa (f)

Turkish → Turkish - mark

alman para birimi.
finlandiya para birimi.

French → German - mark

n. mark: deutsche mark, d-mark, mark

French → Russian - mark

n. марка (денежная единица) (m)

French → Turkish - mark

[le] mark

German → French - mark

n. marche (f), moelle (f), pulpe (f), mark (m), concentré (m)

German → Italian - mark

n. marco (f), forza (f), polpa (f), territorio (m), confine (m), interno (m), fondo (m), midollo (m)

German → Russian - mark

n. граница (f), марка (f), маркграфство (f), костный мозг (n), сердцевина (n)

German → Turkish - mark

i. sınır (f), ilik (n), öz (n)

Turkish → German - mark


German → Dutch - mark

mark ,merg

English → Arabic - mark

‏خدش، إشارة، علامة، مارك عملة ألمانية، هدف، بصمة، بطاقة، صليب، إنتباه، أثر، نقطة، معلم يشير إلى حدود أرض، دالة‏
‏حدد، أشار، علم، أشر، ميز، عين الحدود، أعد لمهمة، أبدى، ظهر، دون، وضع علامة، سجل، وصل‏

English → Chinese - mark

(名) 马可福音

English → Chinese - mark

(名) 馬可福音

English → Hindi - mark

n. मार्क, निशान, चिह्न, दाग़, मुहर, छाप, अंक, ठप्पा
v. मोहर करना, निशान लगाना, निशान डालना, लिखाना, चिह्न डालना, चिह्न लगाना, चिह्नित करना, लक्ष्य करना, छाप लगाना, लक्षण बतलाना, स्वभाव बतलाना

English → Japanese - mark

(名) マーク, マルコ, 男子名(マルクスの別称); 姓; イエスの十二使徒のうちの1人, マルコ福音書の著者(聖書); マルコによって書かれた福音書4巻の2巻め(聖書); イリノイ州にある村(米国); 中世ドイツにあった領土
(動) マークする; 印を付ける; 汚す; 跡が付く; 記入する; 採点する
(名) マーク, 記号; 跡; 斑点; 汚れ; 成績; 点数; 的; 目印; マルク, ドイツの通貨単位

English → Korean - mark

명. 마크, 예수의 열두 제자 중 하나, 마가 복음의 저자(성경); 마가 복음(성경); 남자 이름

English → Vietnamese - mark

n. đích, mục đích, mục tiêu, cú đánh ngay bao tử, dấu, hiệu, dấu hiệu, chứng cớ, bằng chứng, dấu vết, dấu viết, điểm, dấu làm chứng
v. làm dấu, đóng dấu, đánh dấu làm chứng, rình, dò, xét, để ý, dò xét, đánh dấu một điểm nào, ghi dấu vào chổ nào, chấm điểm, dấu đánh, theo chận banh của địch thủ

German → Chinese - mark

[die] 马克。货币单位。男子名。

Definition of mark

1. Boundary, land within a boundary.
1. Obsolete A boundary; a border or frontier.
2. Obsolete A boundary-post or fence.
3. A stone or post used to indicate position and guide travellers.
4. Archaic A type of small region or principality.
5. Historical A common, or area of common land, especially among early Germanic peoples.
2. Characteristic, sign, visible impression.
6. An omen; a symptomatic indicator of something.
7. A characteristic feature.
A good sense of manners is the mark of a true gentleman.
8. A visible impression or sign; a blemish, scratch, or stain, whether accidental or intentional.
9. A sign or brand on a person.
10. A written character or sign.
The font wasn't able to render all the diacritical marks properly.
11. A stamp or other indication of provenance, quality etc.
With eggs, you need to check for the quality mark before you buy.
12. Obsolete Resemblance, likeness, image.
13. A particular design or make of an item (now usually with following numeral).
Presenting...my patented travelator, mark two.
14. A score for finding the correct answer, or other academic achievement; the sum of such point gained as out of a possible total.
What mark did you get in your history test?
3. Indicator of position, objective etc.
15. A target for shooting at with a projectile.
16. An indication or sign used for reference or measurement.
I filled the bottle up to the 500ml mark.
17. The target or intended victim of a swindle, fixed game or con game.
18. Obsolete The female genitals.
19. Australian rules football A catch of the ball directly from a kick of 10 metres or more without having been touched in transit, resulting in a free kick.
20. Sports The line indicating an athlete's starting-point.
21. A score for a sporting achievement.
22. An official note that is added to a record kept about someone's behavior or performance.
23. Cooking A specified level on a scale denoting gas-powered oven temperatures.
Now put the pastry in at 450 degrees, or mark 8.
24. Limit or standard of action or fact.
To be within the mark;
To come up to the mark
25. Badge or sign of honour, rank, or official station.
26. Archaic Preeminence; high position.
Patricians of mark;
A fellow of no mark
27. Logic A characteristic or essential attribute; a differential.
28. Nautical One of the bits of leather or coloured bunting placed upon a sounding line at intervals of from two to five fathoms. (The unmarked fathoms are called "deeps".)
4. Attention.
29. Archaic Attention, notice.
His last comment is particularly worthy of mark.
30. Importance, noteworthiness. (Generally in postmodifier “of mark”.)
31. Obsolete Regard; respect.
5. To put a mark upon; to make recognizable by a mark.
To mark a box or bale of merchandise
To mark clothing with one's name
6. To indicate in some way for later reference.
She folded over the corner of the page to mark where she left off reading.
This monument marks the spot where Wolfe died.
His courage and energy marked him as a leader.
7. To take note of.
Mark my words: that boy's up to no good.
8. To blemish, scratch, or stain.
See where this pencil has marked the paper.
The floor was marked with wine and blood.
9. To indicate the correctness of and give a score to an essay, exam answers, etc.
The teacher had to spend her weekend marking all the tests.
10. To keep account of; to enumerate and register.
To mark the points in a game of billiards or a card game
11. To catch the ball directly from a kick of 15 metres or more without having been touched in transit, resulting in a free kick.
12. To follow a player not in possession of the ball when defending, to prevent them receiving a pass easily.
13. To put a marker in the place of one's ball.
14. To sing softly, and perhaps an octave lower than usual, in order to protect one's voice during a rehearsal.
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Verb Forms

Present participle: marking
Present: mark (3.person: marks)
Past: marked
Future: will mark
Present conditional: would mark
Present Perfect: have marked (3.person: has marked)
Past Perfect: had marked
Future Perfect: will have marked
Past conditional: would have marked
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