English → English - masquerade

n. masked ball; assumption of a disguise; impersonation; charade
v. assume a disguise; attend a masked ball, attend a costume party; impersonate; pose

English → Spanish - masquerade

s. mascarada, baile de máscaras, carnaval, mojiganga; acto fingido
v. camuflar, enmascarar; disfrazarse, ir disfrazado

English → French - masquerade

n. mascarade; bal masqué; déguisement; fausse apparence
v. se déguiser; participer à un bal masqué; se faire passer pour, prétendre

English → German - masquerade

n. Maskerade
v. sich maskieren; sich vorgeben als, sich ausgeben als

English → Indonesian - masquerade

n. pesta bertopeng, balmaski, penyamaran
v. bermain, berlaku, menyamar, menyamarkan diri

English → Italian - masquerade

s. festa mascherata, ballo in maschera; finzione; messinscena
v. partecipare a una festa mascherata; mascherarsi, camuffarsi, travestirsi; (fig) spacciarsi

English → Polish - masquerade

n. maskarada
v. przebranie: wystąpić w przebraniu

English → Portuguese - masquerade

s. baile de máscaras; disfarce, se fazer de-, simulação
v. disfarçar-se; participar de um baile de máscaras; simular-se, fazer-se passar por-

English → Romanian - masquerade

n. mascaradă, bal mascat, costum de mascaradă, costum de bal mascat, farsă
v. masca, travesti

English → Russian - masquerade

с. маскарад
г. притворяться, выдавать себя за кого-либо

English → Turkish - masquerade

f. maskeli baloya katılmak, sahte tavır takınmak, olduğundan başka görünmek
i. maskeli balo, maskeli balo kostümü, sahte tavır, taslama

English → Ukrainian - masquerade

n. маскарад
v. прикидатися

English → Dutch - masquerade

zn. maskerade, vermomming, schijn : valse schijn
ww. vermommen : zich vermommen, vermommen : vermomd zijn

English → Greek - masquerade

ουσ. μασκάρεμα, μεταμφίεση, χορός μασκαράδων
ρήμ. μεταμφιέζομαι

English → Arabic - masquerade

‏حفلة تنكرية، لباس يرتدى للتنكر‏
‏غير، تنكر، تخفى، تنكر في، إشترك في حفلة تنكرية‏

English → Chinese - masquerade

(名) 假面舞会; 伪装; 化装舞会; 化装
(动) 参加化装舞会; 冒充; 化装

English → Chinese - masquerade

(名) 假面舞會; 偽裝; 化裝舞會; 化裝
(動) 參加化裝舞會; 冒充; 化裝

English → Hindi - masquerade

n. छद्‌मवेशी नृत्य, स्वांग का जलसा, बहाना
v. स्वांग बनना, बहाना करना, ढोंग करना

English → Japanese - masquerade

(動) 仮装する
(名) 仮面舞踏会; 仮装; 見せかけ

English → Korean - masquerade

명. 가면 무도회, 가장 무도회
동. 가면 무도회에 참가하다, 가장 무도회에 참가하다; 가장하다

English → Vietnamese - masquerade

n. dạ hội hóa trang
v. mang mặt nạ, giả trang

Definition of masquerade

1. A party or assembly of people wearing masks, and amusing themselves with dancing, conversation, or other diversions.
In courtly balls and midnight masquerades - Alexander Pope
2. A dramatic performance by actors in masks; a mask. See “mask”
3. Acting or living under false pretenses; concealment of something by a false or unreal show; pretentious show; disguise.
I was invited to the masquerade at their home.
That masquerade of misrepresentation which invariably accompanied the political eloquence of Rome - Thomas de Quincey
4. A Spanish entertainment in which squadrons of horses charge at each other, the riders fighting with bucklers and canes.
5. To assemble in masks; to take part in a masquerade.
I'm going to masquerade as the wikipede. What are you going to dress up as?
6. To frolic or disport in disguise; to make a pretentious show of being what one is not.
He masqueraded as my friend until the truth finally came out.
A freak took an ass in the head, and he goes into the woods, masquerading up and down in a lion's skin - Roger L'Estrange
7. To conceal with masks; to disguise.
To masquerade vice - Killingbeck
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Verb Forms

Present participle: masquerading
Present: masquerade (3.person: masquerades)
Past: masqueraded
Future: will masquerade
Present conditional: would masquerade
Present Perfect: have masqueraded (3.person: has masqueraded)
Past Perfect: had masqueraded
Future Perfect: will have masqueraded
Past conditional: would have masqueraded
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