English → English - number

n. mathematical value or its symbol; identifying numeral (e.g. of a house); indefinite amount, quantity of; sum, tally; act in a performance, musical piece; unit in a series; mathematics; quantity (Grammar); unique thing or person (Informal)
v. count; assign a number; equal in amount; limit, allot; be included in (a specific group); total, add up to

English → Spanish - number

s. número, cifra, guarismo
v. contar, numerar

English → French - number

n. nombre; morceau
v. compter; dénombrer; chiffrer

English → German - number

[numb] adj. betäubt; empfindungslos; starr
n. Anzahl, Nummer, Zahl
v. zählen

English → Indonesian - number

n. bilangan, jumlah, cacah, nomor, terbitan, hidangan, lagu, angka
v. menomori, berjumlah, menganggap

English → Italian - number

s. numero; cifra; numero di telefono; gruppo; fascicolo, dispensa; motivo, melodia; (Comm) articolo; (Tess) titolo; (sl) ragazza
v. contare, calcolare, conteggiare; annoverare, includere nel numero; essere in totale, ammontare a, assommare a; numerare; enumerare, elencare; limitare; suddividere, spartire; (Tess) titolare

English → Polish - number

n. liczba, ilość, szereg, pogłowie, miarka, numer, cyfra, zeszyt, kwantum, liczebnik
v. policzyć, zaliczać, liczyć sobie, ponumerować, numerować, zaliczyć

English → Portuguese - number

s. número; algarismo; quantidade; multidão
v. contar, numerar, computar

English → Romanian - number

n. număr, numeral, cifră, aritmetică, serie, mulţime, exemplar, ritm, metru, bucată muzicală, model
v. număra, socoti, enumera, numerota, însuma, ridica: se ridica la

English → Russian - number

с. число, количество, большое количество, многочисленность; группа, компания; номер, экземпляр, выпуск; сумма, цифра, числительное; размер; ритм; стихи
г. нумеровать, номеровать, насчитывать, причислять, причислить, зачислять, числиться, быть в числе, считать, пересчитывать, рассчитываться

English → Turkish - number

f. saymak, numaralamak, hesaplamak, katmak, sayı saymak, içermek, katılmak, yaşında olmak
i. rakam, sayı, numara, miktar, adet, müzik parçası, tip, hoş şey

English → Ukrainian - number

n. число, номер видання, цифра, наркотик, кількість, кількість: певна кількість, зразок, ряд, безліч, порядковий номер, випуск, номер програми, сума, показник, коефіцієнт, номер, нумер, чисельність
v. нумерувати, налічувати, становити, складати, зараховувати, рахувати, перераховувати, призначати

English → Dutch - number

zn. nummer, aantal, getal, tal, versmaat, mens [inf.], meid [inf.]
ww. nummeren, tellen, bedragen

English → Greek - number

ουσ. αριθμών, αριθμός, νούμερο, ψηφίο

English → Arabic - number

‏مقدار، عدد، كمية، رقم، عدد من جريدة، رقم مسلسل، قدر، العدد‏
‏عد حضر، أحصى، رقم، عد، إعتبر، حسب‏

English → Chinese - number

(名) 数目, 总数, 号码
(动) 数, 共计, 计算; 计算, 报数

English → Chinese - number

(名) 數目, 總數, 號碼
(動) 數, 共計, 計算; 計算, 報數

English → Hindi - number

n. अंक, संख्या, तादाद, गिनती
v. नंबर डालना, अंक लगाना, सूची में दर्ज होना, होना

English → Japanese - number

(名) 数, 数字; 総数; 号; 番号; 曲目
(動) 番号を付ける; 数になる; 数える
(形) 感覚を失った; 麻酔の

English → Korean - number

명. 수, 숫자; 번지; 무한정의 양; 총계; 연극이나 음악의 장; 연속물의 단위; 수학; 양(문법); 독특한 것 또는 사람(구어)
동. 수를 세다; 번호를 매기다; 총수가 ...에 달하다; 기간을 정하다; 특별한 그룹에 인원이 되다; 합계를 내다

English → Vietnamese - number

n. số, đám người, đoàn người, số người, toán người, nhóm người, chữ số, số nhà, số hiệu, số báo
v. đếm, kể vào, liệt vào, ghi số

Definition of number

1. An item of merchandise offered for sale.
She preferred the black nylon number.
This sweater is an all-wool number.
2. The number is used in calling a particular telephone.
He has an unlisted number.
3. A numeral or string of numerals that is used for identification.
She refused to give them her Social Security number.
4. The grammatical category for the forms of nouns and pronouns and verbs that are used depending on the number of entities involved (singular or dual or plural).
In English the subject and the verb must agree in number.
5. One of a series published periodically.
She found an old issue of the magazine in her dentist's waiting room.
6. A symbol used to represent a number.
He learned to write the numerals before he went to school.
7. A short theatrical performance that is part of a longer program.
He did his act three times every evening.
She had a catchy little routine.
It was one of the best numbers he ever did.
8. A clothing measurement.
A number 13 shoe.
9. The property possessed by a sum or total or indefinite quantity of units or individuals.
He had a number of chores to do.
The number of parameters is small.
The figure was about a thousand.
10. Place a limit on the number of.
11. A concept of quantity involving zero and units.
Every number has a unique position in the sequence.
12. A select company of people.
I hope to become one of their number before I die.
13. Add up in number or quantity.
The bills amounted to $2,000.
The bill came to $2,000.
14. Put into a group.
The academy counts several Nobel Prize winners among its members.
15. Enumerate.
We must number the names of the great mathematicians.
16. Determine the number or amount of.
Can you count the books on your shelf?.
Count your change.
17. Give numbers to.
You should number the pages of the thesis.
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Verb Forms

Present participle: numbering
Present: number (3.person: numbers)
Past: numbered
Future: will number
Present conditional: would number
Present Perfect: have numbered (3.person: has numbered)
Past Perfect: had numbered
Future Perfect: will have numbered
Past conditional: would have numbered
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