English → English - occupy

v. seize, conquer; hold, control
v. inhabit, live in; fill, take up; engage, keep busy

English → Spanish - occupy

v. ocupar, emplear, hacer uso de; dar ocupación a
v. residir en; ocupar; llenar; dedicarse a

English → French - occupy

v. occuper; maintenir
v. habiter; s'emparer de; remplir; s'occuper l'esprit

English → German - occupy

v. besetzen; belagern
v. bewohnen; belegen; füllen; beschäftigen (seinen Geist)

English → Indonesian - occupy

v. menempati, mendiami, menghuni, membeset, mengambil tempat, tinggal, memakan waktu, berlangsung, menyibukkan, mengisi, memenuhi, mempergunakan, menduduki, memegang

English → Italian - occupy

v. occupare; ingombrare, riempire; (rifl) essere occupato; coprire, ricoprire, tenere

English → Polish - occupy

v. posiadanie: mieć w posiadaniu, zamieszkać, zająć, zaprzątać, okupować, zamieszkiwać, zajmować, zaprzątywać

English → Portuguese - occupy

v. ocupar, tomar, conquistar, dominar; segurar, reter, deter
v. ocupar; viver em; tomar; preencher, completar; empregar, utilizar

English → Romanian - occupy

v. ocupa, lua în posesiune, pune stăpânire pe, închiria, arenda, folosi, preocupa, ocupa un post, ocupa: a-şi ocupa

English → Russian - occupy

г. занимать, завладевать, арендовать, захватывать, завладеть, оккупировать

English → Turkish - occupy

f. oturmak, tutmak, işgal etmek, almak (zaman), meşgul etmek

English → Ukrainian - occupy

v. займати, зайнятий: бути зайнятим, захоплений: бути захопленим, заповнювати, поглинати, захоплювати, заволодівати, окупувати, тимчасово орендувати, посада: займати посаду, забирати час, тимчасово користуватися

English → Dutch - occupy

ww. bezetten, bekleden, bezighouden, beslaan, innemen, beslag : in beslag nemen, bewonen

English → Greek - occupy

ρήμ. ασχολούμαι, απασχολώ, κατοικώ, καταλαμβάνω, κατέχω

English → Arabic - occupy

‏شغل منزلا، سكن، أقام، إحتل، إستغرق، تولى منصبا، شغل منصبا، أخذ، كان مشغول‏

English → Chinese - occupy

(动) 占领, 住进, 占

English → Chinese - occupy

(動) 佔領, 住進, 占

English → Hindi - occupy

v. ले लेना, छेंकना, क़ब्ज़ा करना, अधिकार करना, आक्रमण करना, बहलाना

English → Japanese - occupy

(動) 住む; 占める; 従事する
(動) 奪う; 占領する

English → Korean - occupy

동. 점령하다, 점거하다; 점유하다, 영유하다, 차지하다
동. 점유하다, 차지하다; 거주하다; 열중시키다

English → Vietnamese - occupy

v. chiếm, giữ, ở, chiếm đóng

Definition of occupy

1. To take or use time.
1. To fill time.
The film occupied three hours of my time.
2. To possess or use the time or capacity of; to engage the service of.
The film occupied me for three hours.
I occupy myself with gardening for a few hours every day.
3. To fill or hold (an official position or role).
I occupy the post of deputy cat catcher.
4. To hold the attention of.
I occupied her friend while he made his proposal.
2. To take or use space.
5. To fill space.
The historic mansion occupied two city blocks.
6. To live or reside in.
7. Military To have, or to have taken, possession or control of (a territory).
8. Surveying To place the theodolite or total station at (a point).
3. To have sexual intercourse with.
4. To do business in; to busy oneself with.
5. To use; to expend; to make use of.
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Verb Forms

Present participle: occupying
Present: occupy (3.person: occupies)
Past: occupied
Future: will occupy
Present conditional: would occupy
Present Perfect: have occupied (3.person: has occupied)
Past Perfect: had occupied
Future Perfect: will have occupied
Past conditional: would have occupied
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