English → English - period

n. age, era; season; lesson; length of time; (Sports) one of the segments of the playing time of a game (such as quarter, half or overtime)
n. menstrual period, menstrual cycle
n. punctuation mark resembling a small dot placed at the end of a sentence; end; pause at end of a phrase; full sentence

English → Spanish - period

s. período, término; punto; época, edad, eón, temporada; menstruación, regla
s. reglas, período
s. punto, punto y aparte; fin, término, conclusión; período, cláusula entera

English → French - period

n. période, époque, saison; cours, leçon; point, règles
n. règle; période des règles mensuelles
n. point; fin, limite; point final; procès complet

English → German - period

n. Periode; Saison; Zeitalter
n. Periode
n. Periode; Zeitraum; Zeitabschnitt; Punkt; Periodendauer; ganzer Satz

English → Indonesian - period

n. jangka, masa, waktu, penggalan, periode, babak, jaman, titik, masa haid, datang bulan

English → Italian - period

s. periodo; era, epoca; (fig) fine, termine; (scol) ora, lezione; (Sport) tempo; (Fisiol) mestruazioni, periodo mestruale; fase; (Gramm) punto; (am; esclam) punto e basta

English → Polish - period

n. okres, cykl, odcinek, period, epoka, wiek, menstruacja, miesiączka, faza choroby {med.}, stadium, kropka

English → Portuguese - period

s. período, época, tempo, era
s. menstruação, época do ciclo mensal, período menstrual
s. período, época; ponto (para fim de frase); fim, conclusão; frase completa

English → Romanian - period

n. perioadă, interval de timp, timp, epocă, eră, etapă, secol, veac, punct, vorbire retorică, menstruaţie, ciclu, lecţie, stil
a. epocă: de epocă

English → Russian - period

с. период, промежуток времени; урок; эпоха, время; точка, пауза в конце периода; круг, тайм
с. период, срок; эпоха
с. период, срок, эпоха; точка

English → Turkish - period

i. periyot, dönem, çağ, devir, süre, ders saati, devre, nokta, aybaşı, adet, regl, dönüm [ast.], tam cümle (yan cümlecikli)

English → Ukrainian - period

n. період, стадія, епоха, смуга, строк, тайм
a. період: належний до певного періоду

Polish → English - period

n. period, menses

English → Dutch - period

zn. periode; uur; jaargetijde; lesuur
zn. ongesteldheid; menstruatieperiode
zn. punt; eind v.e. zin; tijdperk

English → Greek - period

ουσ. περίοδος, διάρκεια

English → Arabic - period

‏حصة، حقبة، زمن، عدد دائر، فترة التذبب، دورة، مدة، أمد، نقطة، عصر، عهد، فترة، دورة الطمث، مرحلة، فترة التعاقب، فترة الحضانة، جملة تامة، المدة أو الدورة، حصة دراسية، درس‏

English → Chinese - period

(名) 时期, 期间; 课, 课时; 时代; 周期

English → Chinese - period

(名) 時期, 期間; 課, 課時; 時代; 周期

English → Hindi - period

n. अरसा, समय, अवधि, मीआद, मुद्दत, वक़्त, जमाना, काल, युग, विराम, वाक्य

English → Japanese - period

(名) ピリオド, 終止符; 句読点; 文
(名) 月経期, 月経周期
(名) 時代; 季節; 課; 期間

English → Korean - period

명. 기간, 시대; 시기; 수업; 시간
명. 생리기간
명. 마침표, 문장의 끝에 찍는 작은 점; 결말, 종결; 단락 끝의 휴지; 완전한 문장

English → Vietnamese - period

n. thời gian, thời kỳ, thời hạn, chu kỳ

Definition of period

1. Appropriate for a given historical era.
2. Set in and designed to evoke a particular historical period, especially through the use of elaborate costumes and scenery.
3. And nothing else; and nothing less; used for emphasis.
When I say "eat your dinner," it means "eat your dinner," period!
4. A length of time.
There was a period of confusion following the announcement.
You'll be on probation for a six-month period.
5. A period of time in history seen as a single coherent entity; an epoch, era.
Food rationing continued in the post-war period.
6. The punctuation mark “.” (indicating the ending of a sentence or marking an abbreviation).
7. The length of time during which the same characteristics of a periodic phenomenon recur, such as the repetition of a wave or the rotation of a planet.
8. Female menstruation.
When she is on her period, she prefers not to go swimming.
9. A section of an artist's, writer's (etc.) career distinguished by a given quality, preoccupation etc.
This is one of the last paintings Picasso created during his Blue Period.
10. Each of the divisions into which a school day is split, allocated to a given subject or activity.
I have math class in second period.
11. Each of the intervals into which various sporting events are divided.
Gretzky scored in the last minute of the second period.
12. The length of time for a disease to run its course.
13. An end or conclusion; the final point of a process etc.
14. A complete sentence, especially one expressing a single thought or making a balanced, rhythmic whole.
15. A specific moment during a given process; a point, a stage.
16. A row in the periodic table of the elements.
17. A subdivision of an era, typically lasting from tens to hundreds of millions of years, see Appendix: Geologic timescale.
18. A Drosophila gene which gene product is involved in regulation of the circadian rhythm.
19. Two phrases (an antecedent and a consequent phrase).
20. One of several similar sets of figures or terms usually marked by points or commas placed at regular intervals, as in numeration, in the extraction of roots, and in recurring decimals.
21. To come to a period; to conclude.
22. To put an end to.
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