English → English - public

n. place that is accessible to the general population; population as a whole, populace; community, group of people with common interests or qualities
adj. open to all people, freely accessible; pertaining to an entire population; general, universal
adj. public, open to all people, freely accessible; pertaining to an entire population

English → Spanish - public

s. público, audiencia, concurrencia
adj. público, común

English → French - public

n. public
adj. public; général

English → German - public

n. Öffentlichkeit; Publikum
adj. öffentlich; allgemein

English → Indonesian - public

n. rakyat, umum, publik, masyarakat umum, khalayak
a. umum, rakyat: yg berkenaan dgn rakyat, negeri: berkenaan dgn negeri

English → Italian - public

s. pubblico, gente
agg. pubblico; di pubblico dominio, notorio, palese; molto in vista, ben conosciuto

English → Polish - public

n. publiczność, społeczeństwo, publika
a. publiczny, powszechny, obywatelski, społeczny, jawny, urzędowy

English → Portuguese - public

s. público; o povo
adj. público; geral

English → Romanian - public

n. public, om: oameni
a. public, stat: de stat, popular, tot: pentru toţi

English → Russian - public

с. народ, публика, общественность, пивная, кабак, трактир, гостиница
прил. общественный, народный, общенародный, коммунальный, публичный, общедоступный, гласный, государственный, рекламный, открытый

English → Turkish - public

i. halk, kamu, amme, seyirci, bar [brit.], birahane [brit.]
s. halk, kamu, genel, umumi, aleni, halka açık, devlete ait, ulusal, milli

English → Ukrainian - public

n. народ, громадськість, публіка
a. громадський, комунальний, публічний, загальнодоступний, відкритий, прилюдний, народний, національний, публічно-правовий

French → English - public

adj. public, open to all people, freely accessible; pertaining to an entire population

Romanian → English - public

n. public, audience
a. public, social, state
adv. publicly, openly, overtly

English → Dutch - public

bn. openbaar, openlijk, publiek, algemeen, staats-, volks-, ruchtbaar
zn. publiek, herberg

English → Greek - public

ουσ. δημόσιο, κοινό
επίθ. δημόσιος

French → Spanish - public

1. (affaire) público 2. (nouvelles) público 3. (gouvernement) público
4. (lieu) público 5. (représentation) auditorio (m); público (m)
6. (gens) público (m) 7. (communauté) comunidad (f); colectividad (f); sociedad (f); público (m)

French → German - public

n. leserschaft, öffentlichkeit, allgemeinheit, zuschauer, leser, zuhörer, publikum
adj. publik, öffentlich, öffentlich-rechtlich, publikums-, staatlich, staats-

French → Italian - public

1. (affaire) pubblico 2. (nouvelles) pubblico 3. (gouvernement) pubblico; statale
4. (lieu) pubblico 5. (représentation) uditorio (m); pubblico (m)
6. (gens) pubblico (m) 7. (communauté) comunità {invariable}; collettività {invariable}; società {invariable}

French → Portuguese - public

1. (affaire) público 2. (nouvelles) público 3. (gouvernement) público
4. (lieu) público 5. (représentation) audiência (f); público (m) 6. (gens) público (m)
7. (communauté) comunidade (f); público (m); coletividade (f)

French → Russian - public

n. публика (m)
a. публичный, общественный

French → Turkish - public

halkla ilgili, kamusal; genel, herkesçe bilinen

French → Dutch - public

1. (affaire) publiek; voor de gemeenschap 2. (nouvelles) publiek; openbaar 3. (gouvernement) overheids-; staats-
4. (lieu) publiek; openbaar 5. (représentation) publiek (n); toeschouwers (p); kijkers (p) 6. (gens) publiek (n)
7. (communauté) gemeenschap (f); publiek (n)

English → Arabic - public

‏جمهور، شعب، جمهور المطرب، حضور، مستمعون‏
‏شعبي، عام، شهير، شائع، علني، إجتماعي، عمومي‏

English → Chinese - public

(名) 公众, 民众
(形) 公众的, 公立的, 公共的

English → Chinese - public

(名) 公眾, 民眾
(形) 公眾的, 公立的, 公共的

English → Hindi - public

n. जनता, सामान्य जन, प्रजा, लोक, सार्वजनिक राय, जनमत
a. लोक-संबंधी, जनता द्वारा बाँट लिया गया, सामान्य, सार्वजनिक, सवोर्पयोगी, प्रचलित, प्रसिद्ध

English → Japanese - public

(形) 公の, 公共の; 公衆用の; 公然の
(名) 公衆; 人々

English → Korean - public

명. 공공장소; 대중
형. 공공의; 대중의; 일반적인

English → Vietnamese - public

n. công chúng, nơi công cộng, giữa công chúng
a. chung, công cộng, công khai, công nhiên

Definition of public

1. Able to be seen or known by everyone; open to general view, happening without concealment.
2. Pertaining to all the people as a whole (as opposed a private group); concerning the whole country, community etc.
3. Officially representing the community; carried out or funded by the state on behalf of the community.
4. Open to all members of a community; especially, provided by national or local authorities and supported by money from taxes.
5. Traded publicly via a stock market.
6. The people in general, regardless of membership of any particular group.
Members of the public may not proceed beyond this point.
7. A public house; an inn.
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