English → English - purchase

n. something which has been purchased; act of purchasing, act of buying
v. buy, acquire in exchange for money; procure, obtain

English → Spanish - purchase

s. compra, adquisición; polipasto
v. comprar, adquirir

English → French - purchase

n. achat; acquisitio; emplette; force, abattage, prise
v. acheter; acquérir, faire l'acquisition de

English → German - purchase

n. Einkauf; Kauf
v. kaufen; erstehen

English → Indonesian - purchase

n. pembelian, belanjaan, belian, pengungkil, titik galang, titik pikul, titik tumpuan, titik penunjang
v. membeli, memperoleh, mengungkil, mengungkit

English → Italian - purchase

s. acquisto, compera
v. comprare, comperare, acquistare; conquistare, ottenere

English → Polish - purchase

n. nabycie, sprawunek, nabytek, kupno, wykupienie, zakup, zakupienie
v. nabyć, kupować, skupić, zakupić, nabywać, zakupywać

English → Portuguese - purchase

s. compra; aquisição
v. comprar; adquirir

English → Romanian - purchase

n. cumpărare, achiziţionare, cumpărătură, preţ, valoare, apucare {tehn.}
v. cumpăra, căpăta, câştiga, ridica cu pârghia, achiziţiona

English → Russian - purchase

с. покупка, закупка; купленная вещь; ценность, стоимость; годовой доход с земли; выигрыш в силе; преимущество; механическое приспособление для поднятия и перемещения грузов
г. покупать, закупать, приобретать, приобрести, завоевать, тянуть лебедкой, поднимать рычагом

English → Turkish - purchase

f. satın almak, elde etmek, kazanmak, kaldıraçla kaldırmak, manivela ile çekmek
i. satın alma, alım, mübayaa, satın alınan şey, toprak geliri, mekanik güç, makara sistemi, sıkı tutma, etki, nüfuz, vesile, dayanak noktası

English → Ukrainian - purchase

n. купування, вартість, придбання, покупка, перевага, важіль, опора: точка опори, купівля, закуп
v. купувати, здобути, тягти лебідкою, накупити

English → Dutch - purchase

zn. koop, aankoop, inkoop, aanschaffing, verwering, hefkracht
ww. kopen, aankopen, inkopen, aanschaffen, aanschaffen : zich aanschaffen, verwerven, opheffen, tillen, lichten

English → Greek - purchase

ουσ. παλάγκο, αγορά, στήριγμα
ρήμ. αγοράζω, ψωνίζω

English → Arabic - purchase

‏صفقة، شراء، نفوذ، شىء مشترى‏
‏إشترى، رفع، جر، إستمال بالرشوة‏

English → Chinese - purchase

(名) 购买, 价值, 购买品
(动) 买, 购买; 用起重装置举起; 赢得, 努力取得, 获得

English → Chinese - purchase

(名) 購買, 價值, 購買品
(動) 買, 購買; 用起重裝置舉起; 贏得, 努力取得, 獲得

English → Hindi - purchase

n. ख़रीदी गई वस्तु, क्रय, ख़रीद
v. मोल लेना, ख़रीदना, पाना, प्राप्त करना

English → Japanese - purchase

(動) 買う; 獲得する
(名) 購入; 購入品; 手がかり

English → Korean - purchase

명. 구입된 것; 구입
동. 사다, 구입하다; 얻다, 취득하다

English → Vietnamese - purchase

n. sự mua, tậu sắm, vật mua được, tậu được, sắm được, tiền thuê, tiền mướn, sức cơ khí, điểm tựa, chổ dựa vào
v. mua, tậu, sắm, kéo neo

Definition of purchase

1. The act or process of seeking and obtaining something (e.g. property, etc.)
2. An individual item one has purchased.
3. The acquisition of title to, or property in, anything for a price; buying for money or its equivalent.
They offer a free hamburger with the purchase of a drink.
4. That which is obtained, got or acquired, in any manner, honestly or dishonestly; property; possession; acquisition.
5. That which is obtained for a price in money or its equivalent.
He was pleased with his latest purchase.
6. Any mechanical hold or advantage, applied to the raising or removing of heavy bodies, as by a lever, a tackle or capstan.
It is hard to get purchase on a nail without a pry bar or hammer.
7. The apparatus, tackle or device by which such mechanical advantage is gained and in nautical terminology the ratio of such a device, like a pulley, or block and tackle.
8. The amount of hold one has from an individual foothold or ledge.
9. Acquisition of lands or tenements by means other than descent or inheritance, namely, by one's own act or agreement.
10. To pursue and obtain; to acquire by seeking; to gain, obtain, or acquire.
11. To buy, obtain by payment of a price in money or its equivalent.
To purchase land, to purchase a house
12. To obtain by any outlay, as of labor, danger, or sacrifice, etc.
To purchase favor with flattery
13. To expiate by a fine or forfeit.
14. To apply to (anything) a device for obtaining a mechanical advantage; to get a purchase upon, or apply a purchase to.
To purchase a cannon
15. To put forth effort to obtain anything; to strive; to exert oneself.
16. To constitute the buying power for a purchase, have a trading value.
Many aristocratic refugees' portable treasures purchased their safe passage and comfortable exile during the revolution
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Verb Forms

Present participle: purchasing
Present: purchase (3.person: purchases)
Past: purchased
Future: will purchase
Present conditional: would purchase
Present Perfect: have purchased (3.person: has purchased)
Past Perfect: had purchased
Future Perfect: will have purchased
Past conditional: would have purchased
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