English → English - scroll

n. roll of paper or parchment with writing on it; ornamental design resembling a scroll; object shaped like a spiral; roster, list
v. create curves or spirals, cut into spirals or curves; move on-screen text or images horizontally or vertically so new information appears on one side of the screen as older information disappears from the other side (Computers)

English → Spanish - scroll

s. rollo de papel, pergamino, rollo de pergamino, rúbrica; voluta
v. desplazar línea a línea; arrollar, enrollar; decorar con volutas

English → French - scroll

n. rouleau, défilé, liste
v. défiler, faire défiler; parcourir

English → German - scroll

n. Bildschirminhalt verschieben (Computer, Bildschirm); scrollen (Fachsprache)
v. mit Schnörkel verzieren

English → Indonesian - scroll

n. surat gulungan, gulungan surat perkamen, daftar
v. menggulung

English → Italian - scroll

s. rotolo di carta; riccio, voluta; chiocciola; (Arald) cartiglio; elenco, lista, ruolo; coclea; corona a spirale
v. (archit.) adornare di volute; (inform.) far scorrere un'immagine o un testo sullo schermo del computer orizzontalmente o verticalmente

English → Polish - scroll

n. zwitek, zwit, zwój, zawój, rola, spirala, zakrętas, woluta, ślimak

English → Portuguese - scroll

s. pergaminho; rolo de papel; rascunho; lista
v. criar curvas ou espirais; paginar, rolar

English → Romanian - scroll

n. sul, volută, parafă, listă, banderolă
v. ornamenta în volute

English → Russian - scroll

с. свиток, список, перечень; волюта [архит.]; спираль, скрижали, манускрипт; письмо, послание
г. украшать завитками

English → Turkish - scroll

i. tomar, parşömen tomarı, liste, helezoni kıvrım, süslü yazı, kemanın kıvrık ucu

English → Ukrainian - scroll

n. згорток, манускрипт, розчерк, скрижалі, сувій

English → Dutch - scroll

zn. rol, boekrol (v.d. Dode Zee); lijst; krul
ww. krulversiering

English → Greek - scroll

επίθ. έγγραφος
ουσ. κύλινδρος χάρτου, κύλινδρος πάπυρου, πάπυρος, κοσμητικό ομοίωμα τοιούτου

English → Arabic - scroll

‏قائمة، لفيفة طومار، رخرف حلزوني، زخرفة، حلزوني‏
‏رفع، نزل‏

English → Chinese - scroll

(名) 卷轴, 名册, 卷形物
(动) 使成卷形; 用涡卷饰装饰; 卷起

English → Chinese - scroll

(名) 卷軸, 名冊, 卷形物
(動) 使成卷形; 用渦卷飾裝飾; 卷起

English → Hindi - scroll

n. लिपटे हुए कागज़ का मुट्‌ठा, कागज़ का खर्रा, सूचीपत्र, मकान की सजावट, कटावदार डिज़ाइन, इमारत में घूमे हुए फीते की नकाशी

English → Japanese - scroll

(名) 巻物; 古文書; 渦巻き模様; 名簿
(動) 巻物にする; 巻く; 渦巻く; (コンピュータ)スクロールする, 画面を自由に動かし必要な情報を映し出す

English → Korean - scroll

명. 두루마리책; 소용돌이 모양의 장식; 소용돌이 모양의 물건; 목록
동. 두루마리에 쓰다, 두루마리로 만들다, 말다

English → Vietnamese - scroll

n. cuộn giấy

Definition of scroll

1. A roll of paper or parchment; a writing formed into a roll; a schedule; a list.
2. An ornament formed of undulations giving off spirals or sprays, usually suggestive of plant form. Roman architectural ornament is largely of some scroll pattern.
3. A mark or flourish added to a person's signature, intended to represent a seal, and in some States allowed as a substitute for a seal. [U.S.] Alexander Mansfield Burrill.
4. Scroll-shaped end of a violin.
5. A skew surface.
6. To change one's view of data on a computer's display, typically using a scroll bar or a scroll wheel.
She scrolled the offending image out of view.
7. To move in or out of view horizontally or vertically.
The rising credits slowly scrolled off the screen.
8. To flood a chat system with numerous lines of text, causing legitimate messages to scroll out of view before they can be read.
Hey, stop scrolling!
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Verb Forms

Present participle: scrolling
Present: scroll (3.person: scrolls)
Past: scrolled
Future: will scroll
Present conditional: would scroll
Present Perfect: have scrolled (3.person: has scrolled)
Past Perfect: had scrolled
Future Perfect: will have scrolled
Past conditional: would have scrolled
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