English → English - seat

n. furniture designed for sitting upon (such as a chair or bench); horizontal part of a chair used for sitting; place to sit; place, location; center of an organization; house, home; buttocks, backside
v. place in a seat; have a seating capacity, accommodate; fix firmly in place

English → Spanish - seat

s. asiento, banco, butaca, escaño, silla; fondillos, trasero; sede, localidad; curul
v. sentar, asentar

English → French - seat

n. siège, chaise; place; résidence; centre; derrière, postérieur
v. installer, établir, faire asseoir; contenir, contenir des places assises; fixer

English → German - seat

n. Sitz; Stuhl; Sitzplatz; Sitzfläche
v. (hin) setzen; einsetzen; fassen; Sitzplätze haben für; mit einem neuen Sitz versehen

English → Indonesian - seat

n. tempat, duduk: tempat duduk, kursi, kursi malas, bangku, jok, pusat, kedudukan, kedudukan: tempat kedudukan, pantat, bagian belakang
v. mendudukkan, memuat, menyediakan tempat duduk, memperbarui tempat duduk, memberi hak, mengizinkan mengikuti

English → Italian - seat

s. sedile, sedia; posto; piano, fondo; sedere, deretano, (fam) didietro; (Parl) seggio; residenza, dimora; trono; (tecn) basamento, supporto; (Equit) modo di stare in sella
v. mettere a sedere, far sedere; (rifl) mettersi a sedere, sedersi; avere posti a sedere per; provvedere di posti a sedere; fornire di sedile, mettere il sedile a; riparare il fondo di; collocare

English → Polish - seat

n. siedzenie, siedlisko, umiejscowienie, siedziba, teren, ognisko, oprawa {techn.}, gniazdo
v. posadzić, rozsadzać, sadzać, usadzać, rozsadowić, sadowić, usadowić, rozmieścić, osadzać, usadzić, usadawiać, rozmieszczać, osadzić

English → Portuguese - seat

s. assento; cadeira; lugar para sentar; lugar; moradia, casa; centro; traseiro
v. assentar; fixar; estabelecer; marcar o lugar de assento

English → Romanian - seat

n. loc, scaun, bancă, canapea, bilet, mandat, reşedinţă, fund, spate, suprafaţă de reazem, centru cultural, teatru, teatru de război {mil.}, teatru de operaţii {mil.}
v. aşeza, pune un scaun, avea locuri, aşeza: se aşeza, amplasa o maşină {tehn.}

English → Russian - seat

с. место, место для сидения; сиденье; местонахождение; избирательный округ; билет; место в парламенте; должность, пост; усадьба, посадка; гнездо клапана, седло клапана, опора, основание, опорная поверхность, подкладка, подставка, подстилающая порода
г. сажать; назначать на должность, предоставлять место; сидеть, размещаться, устроиться, вмещать, снабжать стульями

English → Turkish - seat

f. oturtmak, yerleştirmek, almak (salon), oturağını tamir etmek, oturma yerini onarmak, kıçını tamir etmek (pantolon), yerine oturtmak
i. oturuş, oturak, oturacak yer, yer, sandalye, koltuk, mevki, pantolon kıçı, yuva (valf)

English → Ukrainian - seat

n. місце, стілець, сидіння, посада, зад
v. садовити, уміщати, посадити, розсаджувати, розсаджуватися, саджати

English → Dutch - seat

zn. zitplaats, plaats; bank; zetel
ww. zetten, doen zitten

English → Greek - seat

ουσ. θέση, κάθισμα, έδρα, κατοικία
ρήμ. κάθωμαι, βάλλω κάποιον να καθήσει, καθίζω

English → Arabic - seat

‏موضع، مقعد في البرلمان، مقعد، مقعد في البص، كرسي، موضع المرض، مقر، مركز، مقعد الدراجة، مكان، مقام‏
‏جلس الطفل، جلس الضيوف، أصلح مقعدة الكرسي، أخذ مقعد‏

English → Chinese - seat

(名) 座, 位子, 座位
(动) 使坐下, 设座于, 使就座; 安装在底座上

English → Chinese - seat

(名) 座, 位子, 座位
(動) 使坐下, 設座於, 使就座; 安裝在底座上

English → Hindi - seat

n. सीट, बैठने का आसन, गद्दी, स्थिति, स्थान, निर्वाचन-क्षेत्र, चूतड़, आधार
v. बैठना, बैठाना, बैठने का स्थान देना, जमाना, स्थापित करना, स्थिर करना

English → Japanese - seat

(動) 席に着かせる; 座席を有する; 固定する; 座部を付ける
(名) 椅子, 腰掛け; 座部; 座席, 席; 場所, 居所, 所在地; 組織の中心部; 家; 尻; 尻当て

English → Korean - seat

명. 의자; 좌석; 자리; 중심부, 요지; 저택; 엉덩이
동. 착석시키다; ...만큼의 좌석을 가지다; 자리잡다, 고정시키다

English → Vietnamese - seat

n. ghế, chổ để ngồi, mặt ghế, mông đít, trường, chổ
v. đặt ngồi xuống, tìm chổ ngồi, vá đáy quần

Definition of seat

1. Something to be sat upon.
1. A place in which to sit.
There are two hundred seats in this classroom.
2. The horizontal portion of a chair or other furniture designed for sitting.
He sat on the arm of the chair rather than the seat, which always annoyed his mother.
The seat of a saddle
3. A piece of furniture made for sitting; e.g. a chair, stool or bench; any improvised place for sitting.
She pulled the seat from under the table to allow him to sit down.
4. The part of an object or individual (usually the buttocks) directly involved in sitting.
Instead of saying "sit down", she said "place your seat on this chair".
5. The part of a piece of clothing (usually pants or trousers) covering the buttocks.
The seat of these trousers is almost worn through.
6. Engineering A part or surface on which another part or surface rests.
The seat of the valve had become corroded.
2. A location or site.
7. Figurative A membership in an organization, particularly a representative body.
Our neighbor has a seat at the stock exchange and in congress.
8. The location of a governing body.
Washington D.C. is the seat of the U.S. government.
9. Certain Commonwealth countries An electoral district, especially for a national legislature.
10. The place occupied by anything, or where any person or thing is situated or resides; a site.
3. The starting point of a fire.
4. Posture, or way of sitting, on horseback.
5. To put an object into a place where it will rest; to fix; to set firm.
Be sure to seat the gasket properly before attaching the cover.
6. To provide with places to sit.
This classroom seats two hundred students.
The waiter seated us and asked what we would like to drink.
7. To request or direct one or more persons to sit.
Please seat the audience after the anthem and then introduce the first speaker.
8. To recognize the standing of a person or persons by providing them with one or more seats which would allow them to participate fully in a meeting or session.
Only half the delegates from the state were seated at the convention because the state held its primary too early.
You have to be a member to be seated at the meeting. Guests are welcome to sit in the visitors section.
9. To assign the seats of.
To seat a church
10. To cause to occupy a post, site, or situation; to station; to establish; to fix; to settle.
11. To rest; to lie down.
12. To settle; to plant with inhabitants.
To seat a country
13. To put a seat or bottom in.
To seat a chair
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Verb Forms

Present participle: seating
Present: seat (3.person: seats)
Past: seated
Future: will seat
Present conditional: would seat
Present Perfect: have seated (3.person: has seated)
Past Perfect: had seated
Future Perfect: will have seated
Past conditional: would have seated
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