English → English - slice

n. thin piece cut from a larger object; portion, share
v. cut into slices, cut into portions; cut off from; make a cut in, cut into; cleave, move quickly through
n. slice, sliver

English → Spanish - slice

s. rebanada, lasca, loncha, rodaja, tajada; corte, recorte, tajadura; parte
v. cortar en rodajas, cortar en filetes, cortar en pedazos, cortar en tajadas, partir en lonjas, partir en rajas, partir en rebanadas, partir en rodajas, rebanar, rodajear, tajar, trozar

English → French - slice

n. tranche; morceau; rondelle; part; partie; cuillère, spatule
v. trancher, couper en tranches; rompre, entamer (le pain)

English → German - slice

n. Scheibe; Stück, Schnitte; Scheibe; Teil, Anteil; Löffel, Spachtel
v. abschneiden; in Scheiben zerschneiden; in Stücke zerteilen

English → Indonesian - slice

n. iris, potong, kerat, sayatan, kabung, lapisan, bagian, selais
v. memotong, mengiris, menyayat, mengeping

English → Italian - slice

s. fetta; (fig) pezzo, porzione, parte; raschietto, raschiatore; paletta; (Sport) colpo falciato; (Minier) trancia
v. affettare, tagliare a fette; dividere, suddividere, spartire; (fig) fendere; tagliare nettamente, troncare; colpire di taglio

English → Polish - slice

n. kromka, kawałek, skibka, plaster, skiba
v. krajać, krajać na plastry, pokrajać, pokroić, rozkrajać, płatać, płatkować, płatować, napłatać, przeciąć, szatkować, uszatkować, kroić, płatnąć, przecinać

English → Portuguese - slice

s. pedaço, fatia; talhada; porção
v. cortar em fatias; talhar, retalhar; dividir em pedaços

English → Romanian - slice

n. bucată, felie, porţie, tranşă
v. tăia, împărţi, spinteca, brăzda

English → Russian - slice

с. ломоть, ломтик, тонкий слой; часть, доля; широкий нож; неправильный удар [спорт.]
г. резать ломтями, нарезать, делить на части

English → Turkish - slice

f. dilmek, dilimlemek, kesmek, biçmek, bölmek, kesme vuruşu yapmak, dilimlenmek
i. dilim, pay, hisse, spatula, servis spatulası, kesme vuruşu (tenis)

English → Ukrainian - slice

n. скибочка, шар, частка, совок, кусень, скибка
v. скибочка: різати скибочками, розмазувати, краяти, різати, шаткувати

French → English - slice

(m) n. slice, sliver

English → Dutch - slice

zn. plakje, stukje, deel, onderdeel; partje, schijfje; portie; eetlepel; pannelikker
ww. in plakken snijden, afsnijden

English → Greek - slice

ουσ. φέτα, φάλτσο χτύπημα, λεπτό τεμάχιο
ρήμ. κόπτω εις λεπτά τεμάχια, κόπτω εις φέτας

English → Arabic - slice

‏قطعة، شريحة، شريحة مستديرة، قطعة خبز، حصة، نصيب، جزء، سكين المطبخ، سكين عريضة النصل، ضربة للكرة تجعلها تنحرف لليمين، الشريحة‏
‏قطع الى شرائح، شرح، ضرب الكرة بانحراف‏

English → Chinese - slice

(名) 薄片, 一份, 切片
(动) 切成薄片, 切下; 切; 划破; 切开; 斜击球

English → Chinese - slice

(名) 薄片, 一份, 切片
(動) 切成薄片, 切下; 切; 劃破; 切開; 斜擊球

English → Hindi - slice

n. फांक, कतला, अंश, भाग
v. फांक काटना, टुकड़ा करना, ग़लत हिसाब करके धोखा देना

English → Japanese - slice

(名) 1切れ; 一部分; 薄刃包丁
(動) 切る; 切り取る; 刃物で切る

English → Korean - slice

명. 얇게 썬 조각; 일부분
동. 얇게 베다, 얇게 썰다, 얇게 저미다; 베어내다; 쪼개다; 가르고 나아가다

English → Vietnamese - slice

n. miếng mỏng, lát mỏng, sự thái dài và mỏng
v. cắt ra từng miếng mỏng, thái ra mỏng

Definition of slice

1. That which is thin and broad.
2. A thin, broad piece cut off.
A slice of bacon; a slice of cheese; a slice of bread
3. Amount
4. A piece of pizza.
5. A snack consisting of pastry with savoury filling.
I bought a ham and cheese slice at the service station.
6. A broad, thin piece of plaster.
7. A knife with a thin, broad blade for taking up or serving fish; also, a spatula for spreading anything, as paint or ink.
8. A salver, platter, or tray.
9. A plate of iron with a handle, forming a kind of chisel, or a spadelike implement, variously proportioned, and used for various purposes, as for stripping the planking from a vessel's side, for cutting blubber from a whale, or for stirring a fire of coals; a slice bar; a peel; a fire shovel.
10. One of the wedges by which the cradle and the ship are lifted clear of the building blocks to prepare for launching.
11. A removable sliding bottom to a galley.
12. A shot that (for the right-handed player) curves unintentionally to the right. See fade, hook, draw
13. A class of heavy cakes or desserts made in a tray and cut out into squarish slices.
14. A section of image taken of an internal organ using MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), CT (computed tomography), or various forms of x-ray.
15. A hawk's or falcon's dropping which squirts at an angle other than vertical. (See mute.)
16. To cut into slices.
Slice the cheese thinly.
17. To cut with an edge utilizing a drawing motion.
The knife left sliced his arm.
18. To hit a shot that slices (travels from left to right for a right-handed player).
19. To hit the ball with a stroke that causes a spin, resulting in the ball swerving or staying low after a bounce.
20. To hit the shuttlecock with the racket at an angle, causing it to move sideways and downwards.
21. To kick the ball so that it goes in an unintended direction, at too great an angle or too high.
22. To angle the blade so that it goes too deeply into the water when starting to take a stroke.
23. To clear (e.g. a fire, or the grate bars of a furnace) by means of a slice bar.
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Verb Forms

Present participle: slicing
Present: slice (3.person: slices)
Past: sliced
Future: will slice
Present conditional: would slice
Present Perfect: have sliced (3.person: has sliced)
Past Perfect: had sliced
Future Perfect: will have sliced
Past conditional: would have sliced
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