English → English - something

n. some object, unspecified object; special or remarkable person or thing (Informal)
adv. to a certain extent, somewhat; quite, to an extreme degree
pron. some object, unspecified item; certain amount, some unknown quantity (i.e. twenty-something)

English → Spanish - something

s. algo, (Fam.) algo "bárbaro", fenomenal, extraordinario
adv. algo
pron. algo; un poco

English → French - something

n. quelque chose, quelque peu; vraiment quelque chose! (argot)
adv. dans une certaine mesure; à peu près; environ, dans les
pron. quelque chose, ...et des poussières

English → German - something

n. etwas; etwas etwas (Slang)
pron. etwas

English → Indonesian - something

n. suatu jabatan, penting: seorang yg penting, berarti: sesuatu yg berarti, berharga: sesuatu yg berharga, anu: si anu
adv. kira-kira, kurang lebih, sedikit, cukup, amat
pron. sesuatu, apa-apa, sedikit

English → Italian - something

pron. qualche cosa, qualcosa; e qualcosa, e rotti
avv. in una certa misura, un po', alquanto, piuttosto; (fam) estremamente, terribilmente

English → Polish - something

n. coś, coś niecoś
adv. nieco

English → Portuguese - something

s. algo, alguma coisa; algo especial (gíria)
adv. de certa forma, um tanto, algo
pron. algo, falar algo; e mais alguma coisa (trinta e alguma coisa (mais de trinta) etc...)

English → Romanian - something

pron. ceva, întrucâtva, ce, puţin

English → Russian - something

с. что-то, кое-что, что-нибудь, что-либо, нечто, нечто особенное
нареч. несколько, до некоторой степени, великолепно, немного, приблизительно

English → Turkish - something

i. bir şey, önemli bir şey

English → Ukrainian - something

a. проклятий, сякий-такий
adv. приблизно, кілька, досить
pron. щось, дещо, що-небудь, міра: якоюсь мірою

English → Dutch - something

zn. iets
bw. op bepaalde wijze; iets
vnw. iets, een ding; en iets ( dertig en nog iets, etc.)

English → Greek - something

ουσ. κάτι

English → Arabic - something

‏شىء، شىء ما، شخص ذو شأن‏

English → Chinese - something

(名) 重要的人; 有某种特质的人; 值得重视的人; 少量
(副) 几分, 有点; 很; 大约; 非常

English → Chinese - something

(名) 重要的人; 有某種特質的人; 值得重視的人; 少量
(副) 幾分, 有點; 很; 大約; 非常

English → Hindi - something

pron. कुछ, कोई बात, कोई चीज़, कोई भी वस्तु

English → Japanese - something

(代) あるもの; いくらか
(副) いくぶん; かなり
(名) 何か; 多少のこと; 重要なもの

English → Korean - something

명. 무엇, 어떤 것; 특별한 주목받을 만한 사람 또는 사물 (구어)
부. 얼마간, 다소; 꽤
대명. 어떤 것, 특정되지 않은 어떤 것; 대략의 양

English → Vietnamese - something

adv. chút ít
pron. vật gì

Definition of something

1. An uncertain or unspecified thing; one thing.
I must have forgotten to pack something, but I can't think what.
I have something for you in my bag.
I have a feeling something good is going to happen today.
2. A quality to a moderate degree.
The performance was something of a disappointment.
That child is something of a genius.
3. A talent or quality that is difficult to specify.
She has a certain something.
4. Somebody or something who is superlative in some way.
He's really something! I've never heard such a great voice.
She's really something. I can't believe she would do such a mean thing.
5. Having a characteristic that the speaker cannot specify.
6. Somewhat; to a degree.
The baby looks something like his father.
7. To a high degree.
8. Applied to an action whose name is forgotten by, unknown or unimportant to the user, e.g. from words of a song.
9. An object whose nature is yet to be defined.
10. An object whose name is forgotten by, unknown or unimportant to the user, e.g., from words of a song. Also used to refer to an object earlier indefinitely referred to as 'something' (pronoun sense).
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