siglos in Korean

n. 옛날, 예

Example Sentences

A wave of violence affected the region in recent days with a series of incidents, including the death of three police officers in Michoacan and five ambushed in the same Siglo XXI road, while four others were hanged in other villages.
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In an interview released in 1980 by "Tango, un siglo de historia", a magazine published by Editorial Perfil, the lyricist recalls: «Since I was very young I wrote poems.
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Two numbers from that session were never published and appear for the first time on this record. Both were pieces for the hurdy-gurdy: "Marcha procesional (siglo XVI) Santa Lucía para Rairo" and "Antiga alborada popular galega".
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When he went to the station of railroad of Barcelona, where he had foreseen to take a train to Madrid, to catch there one to Asturias, he saw a folding canoe in the warehouses El Siglo.
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