English → English - station

n. position, place where a person or thing is usually found; place where vehicles regularly stop; headquarters; radio or television studio; broadcast frequency; position in society; military post
v. assign to a particular post or position, appoint
n. phase, stage; station, stop, military base; ward, division (of a hospital, prison, etc.)

English → Spanish - station

s. estación, apostadero, base, puesto; emisora
v. estacionar, apostar

English → French - station

n. station; poste; gare; base militaire; ferme
v. placer, mettre en place, situer, localiser

English → German - station

n. Station; Wache; Haltestelle; Militärbasis; Bauernhof
v. stationieren; postieren

English → Indonesian - station

n. kedudukan, setasiun, pemancar, pangkalan, pos, lingkungan
v. menempatkan

English → Italian - station

s. posto; stazione; stazione di polizia; caserma dei pompieri; osservatorio; condizione sociale, rango, ceto; (Mar; mil) base navale; (austral) allevamento
v. appostare, mettere, collocare, disporre, piazzare

English → Polish - station

n. stanowisko, pozycja, dworzec, stacja, popas, rewir
a. dworcowy

English → Portuguese - station

s. estação; posto; posição; base de exército; sítio
v. colocar, situar

English → Romanian - station

n. staţie, staţiune, post, punct, centru, gară, condiţie, poziţie socială, rang, stare, loc, oprire, atitudine, postură, staţionare {mil.}
v. plasa, posta: se posta

English → Russian - station

с. место, местоположение; станция, пункт; почтовое отделение, железнодорожный вокзал, авиабаза, военно-морская база; общественное положение; ареал; овцеводческая ферма, овечье пастбище
г. ставить на определенное место, ставить, помещать, размещать, дислоцировать

English → Turkish - station

f. atamak, tayin etmek, görevlendirmek, yerleştirmek
i. istasyon, durak, terminal, gar, santral, merkez, mevki, konum, makam, rütbe, yer, kanal, üs, karakol

English → Ukrainian - station

n. місце, станція, поштовий: поштове відділення, вокзал, зупинка, пункт, станція: залізнича станція
v. місце: ставити на певне місце, розташовувати, розміщувати за списком

French → English - station

(f) n. station, stand, stop

German → English - station

v. assign to a particular post or position, appoint

Dutch → English - station

n. station, depot

English → Dutch - station

zn. station; halte; plaats; standplaats; kazerne; boerderij
ww. plaatsen, stationeren

English → Greek - station

ουσ. σταθμός, θέση
ρήμ. θέτω, τοποθετώ

French → Spanish - station

1. (radio) estación de radio
2. (transports en commun) parada (f)
3. (véhicules) parada (f)

German → Spanish - station

n. estación (f), unidad (f), parada (f), departamento (m), sección (f)

French → German - station

n. haltestelle, station, sender

French → Italian - station

1. (radio) stazione (f); stazione radio
2. (transports en commun) stazione (f)
3. (véhicules) posteggio (m); stazione (f)

French → Portuguese - station

1. (radio) estação (f); estação de rádio; emissora (f)
2. (transports en commun) parada (f); ponto de ônibus
3. (véhicules) parada (f); ponto (m)

French → Russian - station

n. станция (f), пункт (f), база (f), установка (тех.) (f)

French → Turkish - station

[la] durma, duraklama; duruş; istasyon; geçici konut

German → French - station

n. station (f), étape (f), service (m)

German → Italian - station

n. fermata (f), stazione (f), stazione radio (f), tappa (f), osservatorio (m), posto (m), reparto (m)

German → Russian - station

n. станция (f), остановка (f), отделение (f), элемент (f), этап (f), пункт: абонентский пункт (f), терминал (f), устройство (f)

German → Turkish - station

i. istasyon (f), durak (f)

Dutch → French - station

1. (radio) station (f)
2. (spoorwegen) gare (f)

French → Dutch - station

1. (radio) station (n); radiostation (n)
2. (transports en commun) halte (m/f)
3. (véhicules) standplaats (m/f)

German → Dutch - station

afdeling ,halte ,station

English → Arabic - station

‏محطة، محطة إذاعية، مخفر، موقف، محطة قطار الأنفاق، محطة قطار، محطة توليد كهرباء، وقوف، وقفة، مركز، مخفر إطفاء، منزلة إجتماعية، مركز للبحث العلمي‏
‏ركز جنود‏

English → Chinese - station

(名) 车站; 广播电台, 电视台; 站, 局, 所; 电视频道
(动) 驻扎, 配置, 部署

English → Chinese - station

(名) 車站; 廣播電臺, 電視臺; 站, 局, 所; 電視頻道
(動) 駐紮, 配置, 部署

English → Hindi - station

n. स्थान, स्थिति, दशा, ठिकाना, पद, अवस्था, रेल-गाड़ी के ठहरने का स्थान, स्टेशन, अधिकार, पदवी
v. स्थापित करना, टिकाना, बैठाना, रखना, तैनात करना

English → Japanese - station

(動) 配属する
(名) 駅; 署; 局; 所

English → Korean - station

명. 위치, 장소; 정류장; 본사, 본부; 라디오나 텔레비젼 방송국; 방송 주파수; 사회적 지위; 군사 통제부
동. 부서를 맡게 하다, 임명되다

English → Vietnamese - station

n. trạm, chổ canh gát, nhà ga, địa vị

German → Chinese - station

[die] pl.Stationen ①站。车站 ②(发展的)阶段。时期 ③中途停留 ④台,电台 ⑤(医院)科,病区。⑥军事基地。

Definition of station

1. The fact of standing still; motionlessness, stasis.
2. The apparent standing still of a superior planet just before it begins or ends its retrograde motion.
3. A stopping place.
1. A regular stopping place for ground transportation.
The next station is Esperanza.
2. A ground transportation depot.
It's right across from the bus station.
3. A place where one stands or stays or is assigned to stand or stay.
From my station at the front door, I greeted every visitor.
All ships are on station, Admiral.
4. US A gas station, service station.
4. A place where workers are stationed.
5. An official building from which police or firefighters operate.
The police station is opposite the fire station.
6. A place where one performs a task or where one is on call to perform a task.
The waitress was at her station preparing three checks.
7. A military base.
She had a boyfriend at the station.
8. A place used for broadcasting radio or television.
I used to work at a radio station.
9. New Zealand A very large sheep or cattle farm.
5. One of the Stations of the Cross.
6. The Roman Catholic fast of the fourth and sixth days of the week, Wednesday and Friday, in memory of the council which condemned Christ, and of his passion.
7. A church in which the procession of the clergy halts on stated days to say stated prayers.
8. Standing; rank; position.
She had ambitions beyond her station.
9. A broadcasting entity.
I used to listen to that radio station.
10. A harbour or cove with a foreshore suitable for a facility to support nearby fishing.
11. Any of a sequence of equally spaced points along a path.
12. The particular place, or kind of situation, in which a species naturally occurs; a habitat.
13. An enlargement in a shaft or galley, used as a landing, or passing place, or for the accommodation of a pump, tank, etc.
14. Post assigned; office; the part or department of public duty which a person is appointed to perform; sphere of duty or occupation; employment.
15. To put in place to perform a task.
The host stationed me at the front door to greet visitors.
16. To put in place to perform military duty.
They stationed me overseas just as fighting broke out.
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Verb Forms

Present participle: stationing
Present: station (3.person: stations)
Past: stationed
Future: will station
Present conditional: would station
Present Perfect: have stationed (3.person: has stationed)
Past Perfect: had stationed
Future Perfect: will have stationed
Past conditional: would have stationed
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