English → English - sub

n. (Informal) substitute; submarine; subordinate; sublieutenant
v. replace, act as a substitute for, take the place of
prep. under, beneath, below

English → Spanish - sub

s. sustituto; submarino
v. fungir como substituto
prep. sub, por debajo de, debajo de

Spanish → English - sub

pref. sub-, under-

English → French - sub

n. remplaçant, sous-marin
v. remplacer
prép. préfixe

English → German - sub

n. U-Boot; Abonnement; Ersatz
v. ersetzen; sub-
pref. unter-

English → Indonesian - sub

n. kapal selam, pemain cadangan
abbr. mengganti, menggantikan

English → Italian - sub

s. (fam) sottomarino; sottoscrizione; sostituto; abbonato; redattore aggiunto; subalterno
v. (fam) fare le veci, sostituire, supplire
prep. sotto a

English → Polish - sub

v. zastąpić, zastępować

English → Portuguese - sub

s. redator noturno; vice-redator; submarino; substituto
v. substituir
prep. debaixo de-

English → Russian - sub

с. подчиненный; подземная железная дорога, метро; абонент; пожертвование, подписание
pref. ниже , под

English → Turkish - sub

f. yerine geçmek, yerini doldurmak
s. yardımcı
ed. altına, içine, önüne, altında, içinde, önünde

French → English - sub

pref. sub, under, beneath, below

Italian → English - sub

adj. sub

Portuguese → English - sub

pref. sub-

Romanian → English - sub

prep. under, underneath, below, beneath, in, at

Dutch → English - sub

pref. sub-

English → Dutch - sub

zn. plaatsvervanger; duikboot; secundair redacteur
ww. plaatsvervangen
vz. onder-

English → Greek - sub


English → Arabic - sub

‏تحت بادئة، دون بادئة، غواصة‏
‏ناب، عمل كبديل‏
‏فرعي، تابع، ثانوي‏

English → Chinese - sub

(名) 地道#潜水艇; 代用品; 候补人员; 订购
(动) 作替身, 替代

English → Chinese - sub

(名) 地道#潛水艇; 代用品; 候補人員; 訂購
(動) 作替身, 替代
(介) 地道#潛水艇; 代用品; 候補人員; 訂購#作替身, 替代

English → Japanese - sub

(接頭) 下の; (化学)亜
(前) 下に
(動) 代理をする; 前借りする

English → Korean - sub

명. (구어)대체물; 잠수함; 복종, 종속; 해군중위
동. 대역을 하다, 대신하다, 자리를 채우다
전. 아래의, 밑의

English → Vietnamese - sub

v. cho mượn trước, thay thế

Definition of sub

1. A submarine.
2. A submarine sandwich—a sandwich made on a long bun.
We can get subs at that deli.
3. A substitute.
With the score 4 to 1, they brought in subs.
She worked as a sub until she got her teaching certificate.
4. A substitute in a football (soccer) game: someone who comes on in place of another player part way through the game.
5. Short for subscription: a payment made for membership of a club, etc.
6. A submissive in BDSM practices.
7. A subtitle.
I've just noticed a mistake in the subs for this film.
8. A subroutine (sometimes one that does not return a value, as distinguished from a function, which does).
9. A subordinate.
10. A subaltern.
11. To substitute for.
12. To work as a substitute teacher, especially in primary and secondary education.
13. To replace (a player) with a substitute.
He never really made a contribution to the match, so it was no surprise when he was subbed at half time.
14. Less commonly, and often as sub on, to bring on (a player) as a substitute.
He was subbed on half way through the second half, and scored within minutes.
15. To perform the work of a subeditor or copy editor; to subedit.
16. To lend.
17. To subscribe.
18. To take a submissive role.
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Verb Forms

Present participle: subbing
Present: sub (3.person: subs)
Past: subbed
Future: will sub
Present conditional: would sub
Present Perfect: have subbed (3.person: has subbed)
Past Perfect: had subbed
Future Perfect: will have subbed
Past conditional: would have subbed
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