English → English - substitute

v. replace, exchange, interchange, put in the place of another; take the place of another
n. replacement, person or thing that takes the place of another
adj. of or pertaining to a substitute, acting as a substitute; made up of substitutes

English → Spanish - substitute

v. substituir, reemplazar, subrogar, suplir, sustituir
s. substituto, reemplazante, relevista, remplazante, substituidor, sucedáneo, suplente, sustituidor, sustituto
adj. substituto, interino, substitutivo, sucedáneo, sustitutivo

English → French - substitute

v. substituer, remplacer; suppléer; interchanger
n. substitut, produit de remplacement, remplaçant
adj. alternatif, substituant; remplaçant

English → German - substitute

v. ersetzen, austauschen
n. Ersatz; Vertretung
adj. an d. Stelle setzen; ersetzend; an d. Stelle treten von

English → Indonesian - substitute

n. wakil, badal, pemain cadangan, ganti, pengganti, tiruan
v. mengganti, menggantikan

English → Italian - substitute

v. sostituire, rimpiazzare, mettere al posto di
s. sostituto, delegato, supplente; (Alim) surrogato, succedaneo
agg. sostituto

English → Polish - substitute

n. zastępca, namiastka, surogat, wyręczyciel, wyręka, substytut
v. zastąpić, substytuować, podstawiać, zastępować, podstawić

English → Portuguese - substitute

v. substituir, trocar
s. substituto; troca; reserva
adj. substituto; reserva

English → Romanian - substitute

n. înlocuitor, supleant, delegat, surogat, rezervă, expedient, schimb, înlocuire
v. substitui, schimba

English → Russian - substitute

г. заменять, замещать; подставлять; подменивать
с. заместитель; замена, заменитель, суррогат
прил. замещающий; суррогатный

English → Turkish - substitute

f. yerine geçirmek, yerine kullanmak, yerine geçmek, yerini almak
i. vekil, temsilci, yerine geçen kimse, yedek oyuncu, bedel, başka sözcüğün yerine geçen sözcük

English → Ukrainian - substitute

n. замісник, заміна, підміна, сурогат
v. заміняти, заміщати, підмінювати, підставити, підставляти

German → English - substitute

substitute, Substitute

English → Dutch - substitute

ww. verwisselen, omwisselen
zn. plaatsvervanger, surrogaat
bn. plaatsvervangend

English → Greek - substitute

ρήμ. υποκαθιστώ, αντικαθιστώ
ουσ. αναπληρωτής, αντικαταστάτης, υποκατάστατο
επίθ. υποκατάστατος

English → Arabic - substitute

‏قائمقام، عوض‏
‏حل محل آخر، بدل، ناب، إستبدل، إستعاض‏

English → Chinese - substitute

(动) 代替; 替代, 取代
(名) 代理, 代用品, 代理人

English → Chinese - substitute

(動) 代替; 替代, 取代
(名) 代理, 代用品, 代理人

English → Hindi - substitute

n. एवज़, स्थानापन्न, डिप्टी, बदली, आदेश
v. स्थान: किसी के स्थान पर रखना, एवज़ में रखना, एवज़ के रूप में काम करना, एवज़ी करना

English → Japanese - substitute

(動) 代わりに使う; 代わりをする; 代用する
(形) 代理の; 代わりを入れる
(名) 代わり; 身代わり

English → Korean - substitute

동. 바꾸다, 교체하다; 역할을 대신하다
명. 대체, 대기자 또는 대체물
형. 대체하는, 대신하는

English → Vietnamese - substitute

n. người thay thế, vật thay thế, người thế chổ
v. thay thế

Definition of substitute

1. To use in place of something else, with the same function.
I had no shallots so I substituted onion.
2. In the phrase "substitute X for Y", to use X in place of Y. With increasing frequency used in the semantically opposite sense (see the OED's notes).
I had to substitute new parts for the old ones.
3. In the phrase "substitute X with/by Y", to use Y in place of X; to replace X with Y
I had to substitute old parts with the new ones. (This usage was formerly proscribed.)
4. To remove (a player) from the field of play and bring on another in his place.
He was playing poorly and was substituted after twenty minutes
5. To serve as a replacement (for someone or something)
6. A replacement or stand-in for something that achieves a similar result or purpose.
7. A player who is available to replace another if the need arises, and who may or may not actually do so.
8. One who enlists for military service in the place of a conscript.
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Verb Forms

Present participle: substituting
Present: substitute (3.person: substitutes)
Past: substituted
Future: will substitute
Present conditional: would substitute
Present Perfect: have substituted (3.person: has substituted)
Past Perfect: had substituted
Future Perfect: will have substituted
Past conditional: would have substituted
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