English → English - title

n. distinctive appellation denoting rank or achievement; heading, caption; right; ownership; championship
v. call by a title, furnish with a caption or heading

English → Spanish - title

s. título, encabezamiento; diploma; campeonato; rango, antenombre, distingo, nombradía, tratamiento
v. titular, poner etiqueta a, poner subtítulos, conferir título a

English → French - title

n. titre, intitulé; droit; acte, propriété; titre de noblesse; titre de champion
v. intituler (un livre); avoir un titre (de noblesse)

English → German - title

n. Titel, Ehrentitel; Überschrift; Recht; Besitzrecht; Meisterschaft
v. nennen, titulieren

English → Indonesian - title

n. judul, alamat, nama, buku, gelar, titel, lakab, tingkat, kejuaraan, hak, kesempatan, hak milik, surat bukti hak milik, sertipikat tanah
v. memberi judul, menggelari, menggelar
a. berjudul yg sama, besar

English → Italian - title

s. titolo, intitolazione; appellativo, designazione, nome; libro, pubblicazione; diritto; (Dir) titolo di proprietà; titulus canonicus
v. intitolare, dare un titolo a

English → Polish - title

n. tytuł, prawo do czegoś, liga, próba, krzta
a. tytułowy

English → Portuguese - title

s. título; rótulo; denominação honorífica; atributo; direito; posse; vitória num campeonato
v. entitular, rotular

English → Romanian - title

n. titlu, capitol, demnitate, grad, calitate, document, act doveditor, titlu: titluri de glorie
v. intitula, denumi

English → Russian - title

с. заглавие, название, титул, звание, звание чемпиона, право, надпись, титр, право собственности, документ
г. давать заглавие, называть, присваивать титул, снабжать титрами

English → Turkish - title

i. başlık, isim, sıfat, ünvan, ad, marka, hak, sahiplik

English → Ukrainian - title

n. заголовок, титульний: титульна сторінка, титул, звання, ім'я, назва
v. називати, озаглавлювати, титулувати, звання: присвоювати звання
a. титульний

English → Dutch - title

zn. titel, rang, eretitel, kop (in een krant), titel (van een boek); recht; eigendom; kampioenschap
ww. bij naam noemen; in de koppen (van de krant) zetten

English → Greek - title

ουσ. τίτλος, προσωνυμία, νόμιμος τίτλος
ρήμ. τιτλοφορώ

English → Arabic - title

‏عنوان فصل، عنوان كتاب، سند ملكية، لقب، حق شرعي، لقب البطولة‏
‏لقب، سمى، حقق البطولة‏

English → Chinese - title

(名) 头衔, 标题, 名称
(动) 赋予头衔, 加标题于

English → Chinese - title

(名) 頭銜, 標題, 名稱
(動) 賦予頭銜, 加標題於

English → Hindi - title

n. नाम, शीर्षक, टाइटिल, उपाधि, पदवी, लक़ब, खि़ताब, अधिकार
v. नाम देना, कहना, देना

English → Japanese - title

(動) 表題を付ける; 称号を与える
(名) 肩書き, 階級や業績などで区別した称号; 題名, 表題; 爵位

English → Korean - title

명. 직함, 칭호, 작위, 학위; 표제, 자막; 권리, 소유권; 챔피언쉽, 선수권
동. 칭호를 주다, 직위를 주다, 표제를 붙이다

English → Vietnamese - title

n. tên một quyển sách, chương sách, chứng thư, chức tước
v. đề tên sách

Definition of title

1. A prefix (honorific) or suffix (post-nominal) added to a person's name to signify either veneration, official position or a professional or academic qualification. See also :Category:Titles
2. Legal right to ownership of a property; a deed or other certificate proving this.
A good title to an estate, or an imperfect title
3. In canon law, that by which a beneficiary holds a benefice.
4. A church to which a priest was ordained, and where he was to reside.
5. The name of a book, film, musical piece, painting, or other work of art.
I know the singer's name, but not the title of the song.
6. A publication.
The retailer carries thousands of titles.
Buyers of the new video game console can choose from three bundled titles.
7. A section or division of a subject, as of a law or a book.
8. A written title, credit, or caption shown with a film, video, or performance.
The titles scrolled by too quickly to read.
9. The panel for the name, between the bands of the back of a book.
10. The subject of a writing; a short phrase that summarizes the entire topic.
11. A division of an act of Congress or Parliament.
Title II of the USA PATRIOT Act
12. The recognition given to the winner of a championship in sports.
13. To assign a title to; to entitle.
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Verb Forms

Present participle: titling
Present: title (3.person: titles)
Past: titled
Future: will title
Present conditional: would title
Present Perfect: have titled (3.person: has titled)
Past Perfect: had titled
Future Perfect: will have titled
Past conditional: would have titled
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